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Lesson Transcript

Alright, welcome back to Weekly Words. I'm Alisha, and this week we're gonna talk about commonly missed pronounced... Missed pronounced. Wow. This week we're going to talk about commonly mispronounced words, words that are often pronounced incorrectly. This is funny.
I enjoy mispronouncing this first word. The first word is “hyperbole.” “Hyperbole.” Um, it’s not “hyper-bowl,” though it does sound very funny to say that. A “hyperbole” just means to “exaggerate something,” um, or to make, to blow something up, make it really extreme. “My friend uses a lot of hyperbole when she talks about her life stories. I really don't think some of those things happened to her.” “Hyperbole.” Not hyper-bowl.
Next, “Antarctic.” Not… Ah, oh, I see. “Antarctic” is the correct pronunciation of this word. Some people say
“Ant-ar-tic...” really? Oh. I guess when you’re saying this word quickly, you might leave out that first C in the Antarctic, uh, so don't say that. Don't do that. Say “Antarctic.” Be it a very, very cold region. The Arctic is the North cold region on the planet Earth. The South is the Antarctic. There’s sort of like a hiccup in the word there. “Antarctic.” Oh, in a sentence, “I’m thinking about taking a cruise to the Antarctic. What do you think I need?” Penguin suit.
“Et cetera.” Not “ex-cetera.” Oh, yeah, okay. I hear this “ek,” “ek” thing a lot. “Et cetera” is just used
at the end of a list to imply that you mean other things, ah, so the list is not, um, exclusive to the things that you've listed. Other things can also be included in it. So in a sample sentence, um, “Types of fruits are apples, oranges, peaches, et cetera.” There are others as well, so don't say “ex-cetera.” That's not correct. “Et cetera. That’s good.
The next word is “jewelry.” What? The next word is “jewelry.” “Jewelry.” I think I'm probably guilty of this mispronunciation. I can’t say that word. “Mispronunciation” where the word kinda gets a little bit smushed together, and we say “jewelry” instead. We miss that, that second E sound in there. It should be “jew-el-rey.” Uh, in a sample sentence, maybe you would say. “I'm shopping for some jewelry for my
mother for her birthday.” “Jewelry.” We’re too lazy.
“Prescription.” Not “perscription.” Okay, a “prescription” is something that doctor gives you when you're sick, and you require medicine, the doctor will write you a “prescription.” Some people might say “perscription.” Wow, okay. I didn’t even notice, and I was doing it while I was telling you guys not to do it. That's embarrassing. “Prescription.” A doctor writes you a “prescription,” not a “perscription.” Uh, when you go to the doctors’ office, the doctor might say, “Here is your “prescription.”
End. Alright! Well, we’ve learned that I apparently can't pronounce some words the way that they're meant to be pronounced. So please work on your pronunciation. I will work on my pronunciation too. Thank you for joining us on Weekly Words this week. I will see you next time. Bye-bye!