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Lesson Transcript

I’ve just received information that this might be a weird one, so let's start. Okay, this is… Weekly Words. Oh, sorry! Hi, welcome back to Weekly Words. I’m Alisha, and I have already look at the first slide for this week, and I'm very sorry. The title of this week's Weekly Words is words that don't rhyme with anything.
The first word is “film.” “Film,” in an old-fashioned camera, for example, or another word for a movie. In a sentence, “Did you see that film last week? I heard that it was really good. It was nominated for Academy Awards.” “Film.” Let’s go.
The next word is “month.” “Month.” Months are the months of the year: January, February, March, April, “Month.” Really? “What's your favorite month?” My favorite month is October because I like Halloween, and it’s autumn in the northern hemisphere.
“Oblige.” “Oblige” means to “make someone have to do something.” “I was obliged to attend the seminar on behalf of my company.” “Oblige.” Mary J Blige. If you’re watching, Mary J. Blige, hi. Maybe she needs tips for her next song, which words she shouldn't use. I trust you guys.
“Cusp” is the next word all cusp “Cusp” refers to being “right on the edge of something,” like you're just about to make a change between two states, so let's see, in a business setting you might say, “Oh, we're on the cusp of a major breakthrough with this new project.” It doesn't rhyme with anything. “Cusp.”
“Chaos” is the next word. “Chaos” just means there's “no order.” There's nothing that's holding everything together in some arrangement at all. It’s just confusion. It's madness. It's crazy. In a sentence, let’s see, “My office was in chaos this morning because the power went out. We had no way to contact our
clients.” “Chaos.”
End! That's the end. Those are all words that don't rhyme with anything. I really tried my best. There are a lot of words that don't rhyme with anything, so if you're writing a poem, or if you’re writing music, please don't use these at the end of your lines, I don’t know, unless you want to. Okay. Thanks for joining us this week. We'll see you again next time for more Weekly Words. Bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hi Tingting,

It means that these are words that don't have another word in English that rhyme with them.

So for example, to words that rhyme are



But "film" doesn't have a word that rhymes with it.

Thank you!

Team EnglishClass101.com

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Words don't rhyme? What does it mean?