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Lesson Transcript

Oh, hi! Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we're gonna talk about words for walking. Let's start.
“Amble.” “Amble” means “to walk in kind of a slow, easy pace.” You're relaxed. You're just ambling down the road. “I like to amble down the streets in my neighborhood. It's a very relaxed place where I can walk in a relaxed pace.”
K. Next is “strut.” “Strut is how you walk when you're feeling really good or maybe you’re listening to music that makes you feel really cool. I'm guilty of doing this, and I feel like a dork when I realize that I am doing
this. When you strut, you’re... you have kind of like a smug walk. You’re like yeah, I'm really, I'm really cool, I'm really interesting. You just look very, very pleased with yourself. So in a sentence, “I saw my friend
strutting down the street the other day. He looked like he was having a great afternoon.”
The next is “stride.” A “stride” is kind of a “long step,” right? Yeah. A longer step than you might usually take.
“Strides.” “Stride.” “Strode.” “Stride.” “I strode toward the office the morning of the big meeting. I was feeling very energized about the new client.” Yeah, Yeah.
“Stroll.” “Stroll” is a good word. “It's just a... It's a fairly just “neutral, leisurely walk.” You're not in a rush to go anywhere. You're just strolling. “I strolled down by the beach last weekend with my friends. We had a great day.”
Mm-k. Next is “wander.” “Wander’s” a nice word when you don't have any particular destination, or where there's no goal for you to go. You just wander around. You walk without any real purpose. You just walk through streets. You walk through... I don't know... Cities… Uh, we call that wandering. “On my days off, I like to wander through the city. I find lots of fun and interesting new places that way.”
End! That's the end. Those were all some words for walking, so when you need to be extra descriptive
about the type of walk that you went for, you can try to use one of these words. Thanks for joining us for this week's Weekly Words. We’ll see you again next time for more. Take care. Bye-bye. Grr...