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Lesson Transcript

Hi! Sorry... Hey, and welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we're
going to talk about interjections. This is gonna be fun. Let start.
The first word is “bah.” B-A-H. Maybe you’re upset about something or you're tired of dealing with something. People often throw up their hands like this when they say it. They go, “bah!” and walk away. “Bah humbug” is a very, very well-known use of this interjection. This from uh… the story “A Christmas Carol.” One of the characters says “bah humbug!” at all these things that upset him.
Alright. The next interjection is “aha!” “Aha” is used whenever you feel surprised about something. Or when you have a good idea about something. For example, sitting at work actually maybe you shouldn't do this work because your coworkers will think you're crazy. If you're feeling really excited about your idea you can go like this with your finger and go, “Aha! I have an idea for my presentation next week.”
Okay. Next one is “meh.” This, I think has my only become popular in the last... I don't know. It started being used, I think, more on the internet. Now it has come to be used in everyday life. “Meh” is just when you're, you’re not very excited about something. Um, maybe you went to a party, a friend asks you how it was, and you’re like, “Yeah, I went. It was pretty meh.” We use it like an adjective actually, or you can just use it as a one-word interjection. “Meh.” “Meh.” “Meh.”
Okay. Next word is “oh.” “Oh is a very, very useful one. You can use “oh” in a number of situations when you're surprised, when you're thinking of something, when you want to have kind of a soft introduction to whatever you're saying. I think I tend to use it as a question or when I'm feeling surprised. So when my friend tells me something like, “Oh, hey, I have this great news.” I'll say, “Oh?” Just by itself as a question. To get somebody's attention, I might say, “Oh, did you see that new movie last week?” A sentence starter for
me anyway.
Okay the next word is “h’m.” We use “h’m” when we’re thinking about something, when we need a minute to consider our thoughts. It can be used at the beginning of a sentence or just while you're thinking on its own.
“H’m, what might be a good example sentence for “h’m”?
End! End! Those are all interjection. Those are all interjections. Try to use them. If you use these correctly in your speech, throughout your speech,.uh, it'll help you sound a lot more natural and a lot more smooth, uh, in your speaking ability, so give them a try. Thanks again for joining us this week, and I will see you next time for more Weekly Words. Bye!