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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back to weekly words, my name is Alisha, and today we're going to talk about words with weird silent letters. I like the title of this one, let’s get started!
The first word is “pterodactyl”
Pterodactyl is a dinosaur, this is a flying dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period. I totally knew that on my own. pterodactyl begins with a P but we don't say that P, it just starts with the T sound. In a sentence, you might say “the pterodactyl is my favorite dinosaur.”
Next word is “mortgage”.
I, my students messed up that word, mortgage, like last week in class. Mortgage has at T and it but we don't say the T, it sounds like “mor-gage” like there's no T at all. A mortgage is and the payment that you make on your house every month if, if you've had to take a loan from a bank.
In a sentence “my mortgage payments are very reasonable.” I hope.
The next word is “aisle”.
Aisle is a weird word, so yes, there's an S in the word aisle, but it is not pronounced “ai-s-lay”, it's pronounced aisle aisle with an A in front, is the space between rows of seats on an airplane, for example, or the space between shelves in a supermarket, any is for a pathway
is an aisle. In a sentence, “please keep your feet out of the aisle on the airplane because the cart might bump you.”
The next word is “faux”.
It has an X at the end when it’s spelled on paper but we do not say fau-x, fa-ux, we don't say that. We say faux; faux means fake, faux means something that's not real. Very commonly you'll hear this in terms of “faux fur” as in “I prefer to wear faux fur because I don't believe that we should kill animals.”
All right, the next one is “asthma”
We're just talking about how I have asthma! Asthma is spelled very weirdly, there's a TH in there but we do not say the TH, it’s, it sounds like ASMA, asthma. Asthma is a respiratory condition, you might have asthma it’s very common, where it might be difficult for you to breath sometimes, you need to take medicine. In a sentence “I carry my inhaler everywhere because I have asthma.”
And that's the end of words that have weird silent letters! So be careful when you come across these in writing because they may sound a little bit different know if they're still. Thanks again for watching weekly word this week we will be back with more fun stuff next time, take care. Bye! I don't know how to end this.


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