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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to weekly words! my name is Alisha and today we're going to talk about acronyms you should know, this is probably gonna be pretty useful, let's start!
ETA stands for “estimated time of arrival”, about what time you think you're going to arrive. When you are trying to plan something with your friends, you might say “send me a text with your ETA so I know what time you guys will be here.”
The next one is “DIY”.
DIY means “do it yourself”. You might see this in hardware stores in your country. I like doing DIY projects because I'm very creative. that was a lie.
Stands for “also known as”, people nicknames, or for Super Heroes, for example, Superman AKA Clark Kent.
Name A AKA Name B.
Next is “MIA”, meaning “missing in action”.
This was used in military but it is also used among a group of friends as well if somebody from your group is missing. You go to a party and you can't find your friend, you could say “oh my gosh! my friend is MIA, we don't know where he went.”
Next, “ID”.
ID is very very common. ID means “identification”, you might need to show your ID at the airport, for example.
Alright, and that's the end of some common acronym these are really useful so give them a try, or be on the lookout for them especially on the Internet. Thanks again for joining us for weekly word this week, and we'll see you again next time! Bye!

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