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Lesson Transcript

Welcome again to this show. Weekly Words. Try that again. Hi, welcome back to Weekly Words. I’m Alisha, and I have no idea what I'm going to talk about yet. Intermediate Latin phrases. This is gonna be fun.
“Bona fide.” It sounds like an American thing, like we bastardized that word a little bit. “Bona fide” then means something that's genuine or something that's, um, truly representative of something else. So if someone says he's a “bona fide gentleman,” for example, it means he's truly a gentleman. I don't hear this word very often, at least among the people I spend time with. Perhaps you might hear it, especially in an old
movie, I think.
“Vice versa.” “Vice versa” means… Basically it just means to switch positions of something, so you might say, “Oh, I could come to your house and then we could go…” Oh, this is a terrible example. “I could go to your house, or vice versa,” meaning you come to my house, so saying vice versa, it leaves the listener to fill in the opposite of whatever else you're saying. Yeah, that's actually kind of a useful phrase that’s still used quite a lot. I hear it a lot in business English.
“Alma mater. “Alma mater?” “Alma mater.” on the meter alma mater just refers to the college that you graduated from, so whatever it is whatever it is, whatever university it is, you could be from, you know, Harvard University. You would say, “Oh, Harvard is my alma mater.” That's it.
“Carpe diem.” “Carpe diem.” “Carpe diem” means seize the day, so it's kind of a, um, a motivating phrase. Um, you can say it when you leave the house for work, for example, if you're feeling like you need an extra
bit of motivation, you might say, “Ah, carpe diem!” to yourself.
“Status quo.” Status quo” refers to the norm or whatever is the regular in society, for example, right now let see, what's this, what's the status quo? I don’t know. Politics. That won’t infuriate anybody. So maybe in one place, the status quo might be to eat vegan. Oh, it’s… “Eating vegan is the status quo.”
End. Okay, well thats it, So I hope that you learned something I certainly did. My Latin is apparently very lacking, but thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. Bye-bye!