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Lesson Transcript

Rollin, rollin, rollin. Okay, hi, welcome back to Weekly Words, I'm Alisha, and today we're going to talk
about phrases that aren't cool anymore. Woo-hoo! I probably say a whole lot of these phrases, so I’m about to embarrass myself.
The first phrase is “Sweet!” Oh, “sweet’s” not cool anymore? “Sweet” means “cool.” “Sweet” means something that's good. You might say, “Ah, man, that skateboard trick you just did was sweet!”
“Groovy!” I still say “groovy. “Groovy” means “cool.” “Groovy means “good.” It was used in the 70s when funky, groovy music was popular. In a sentence like. “Oh, hey, those are some groovy moves on the dance floor.” I don’t know if we’d use that.
“Going steady.” “Going steady” is kind of an old-fashioned phrase as well. “Going steady” just means you're dating. Someone who is dating someone else like, “Me and Trisha are going steady.” It just means you're dating. You’re a couple.
“Not!” Aw, this word is actually what the entire holiday of April Fools’ Day is based around. That's a lie. Particularly, I would say for junior high school students this phrase is, um, very popular. They might say something like, “Hey, Steve thinks you're cute! Not!” So in other words, it's often used as an insult.
“Duh!” “Duh” is used when someone says something really stupid or something really obvious. So if you say something like, “Oh, hey, it's raining.” The other person who can also maybe look out the window you’re both sitting in front of might say, “Duh,” because you've just indicated something very, very obvious. You can also use “duh” to make fun of yourself when you do or say something really stupid. As soon as you realize this, you can go, “Ah, duh!”
I'm learning today that I’m not cool. That’s the end! Oh, okay, well though there's some phrases that are no longer cool. Hope you learned something about things that are no longer cool but you can still use these words just, you know, don't expect to sound really interesting or hip to the lingo if you use these words. Okay, thanks for joining us, and I will see you again next time. Bye-bye!


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Duh! In Russia its mean - YES "da" :D