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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody. Welcome back to Weekly Words. I'm Alisha, and this week we are going to talk
about internet lingo. Internet lingo is a fun topic.
The first word that we're going to talk about, or the first phrase, or first acronym, I suppose, is “SMH,” which means “shaking my head” or it’s some way to explain that you are disapproving of whatever you’ve just seen or whatever you’ve just read. So it's not really used so much in a sentence, as it is at, like, the end of a sentence. For example, “Did you see that recent news story? SMH.”
The next word is “BTW.” Uh, this also notes that people will also say “beeteedubs,” where “dubs” is a sort of casual short version of “W.” This means “by the way,” so when you're speaking to somebody and you want to change the topic to something that might be a little bit related to whatever you're talking about at the moment, you can use “BTW.” You might say, “Hey, yeah, I heard about that new job that you got. BTW, how's the salary?” That might be a little bit too direct of an example, but you kind of get the idea. Anyplace you would use “by the way,” you can use “BTW.”
Next is… Really? Spelled “YOLO,” but it's usually read as a new word. It’s it's pronounced “YO-LO,” and it stands for “you only live once.” People who usually say it, and it tends to be, at least from what I've seen, young people. They will usually say this before they do something crazy. You see a video of somebody who's had too much to drink, and they decide they're going to, I dunno, jump off a house and right before
they do it they scream, “YOLO!,” meaning “you only live once,” so I'd better do this now. That's kind of the implied meaning of it.
Okay, the next one is “TBH.” “To be honest.” Aw, this is great. I can use this in relation to the last word we just talked about. “TBH. I don't think particularly highly of people who use the word YOLO. BTW, it’s my IRL (‘in real life’) day off today.” He’s, um, the failure…
Okay, the next word is “TTYL.” It means “talk to you later.” You can use this at the end of a conversation, whether you’re using Skype or an instant message program when it's time for you to leave or maybe when it's time for the other person to leave. They might type “TTYL,” meaning just, I'll see you later or I’ll talk to you later. “Okay, I have to go to class now. TTYL.” Talk to you later. that's the situation where you might use something like this. Any time you have to leave a conversation, it’s good.
And that's the end of internet lingo. I hope that you learned a few things. You can try out a few of them right away because you're watching this on the internet, and you can leave a comment. Thanks for watching. TTYL!