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Lesson Transcript

Super Bowl Party
I stand on the concrete boardwalk at Mission Beach, shaking the sand out of my clothes and out of my hair. I hop up on the low concrete wall and brush the sand from the soles of my feet. It is cool, but not cold, and the sun is shining over the ocean, sparkling in that gorgeous, San Diego way as I take a break from playing touch football on the beach. Most of the guys are still playing in an unorganized, boyish sort of way, kicking up sand and tackling each other at every chance. It is Super Bowl Sunday of my senior year of college, and it is the last time that I will be with all of these friends, all at the same time.
Later, back in the apartment, we will watch the game. The Chargers are playing; against whom, I can't recall. We will eat about a thousand chicken wings, drink too much cheap beer, and sit around, yelling and screaming at the television until the Chargers finally lose. We will go home to our apartments or dorm rooms and try to finish whatever assignments we had put off until the last minute. We will go to school with too little sleep and at least one of us will be hung over, but it will have been worth it. We will finish the semester, graduate, and separate, beginning each of the rest of our lives.
But that afternoon will always be there like sunlight on the ocean, shining for a short moment in the corner of my mind.
What sport do you enjoy watching or playing? What do you like best about it?