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Lesson Transcript

"Ugh," I say as I look into the coat closet. I grab my leather jacket and haul it on over my bulky wool sweater, knowing I will want to take it off about ten minutes into my commute to work at the community college. I put on my gloves and fumble with the lock on the door. "Come on," I grumble.
"Turn already." It finally does, and I slam the door shut, heading out to the car. I turn the key in the lock and pull. Nothing happens. "Great," I say. "Just terrific." I open the trunk and take out a can of deicer. I spray it into the lock and try the key again. It turns.
I get in and start the car, shivering as the heat struggles to come on.
The road is nearly deserted as I drive through the mostly melted snow.
Smoke pours out of a chimney, and I stare longingly at it, wishing I could be curled up next to a fire with a book instead of out here on the road, going in to work. "Ugh," I say.
By mid-February, the novelty of having an actual winter has worn off, and my ingrained, Southern California girl reappears with a vengeance. I long for seventy-five degree February days at the beach, sipping a coffee at an outdoor restaurant patio on the boardwalk, and watching the surfers chase the perfect wave. I crave the feeling of sand between my toes every time I pull on boots over heavy socks. I miss the breeze mussing my hair as I pull on yet another unflattering knit cap.
Of course, by the time I am absolutely sick of the cold, the first shoots of green begin to appear in the brown dirt, and the Spring is an absolute delight.
This is something you don't get in Southern California, this joy of seeing the earth come back to life bit by little green bit.
What are the seasons like where you live?