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Lesson Transcript

Going To The Zoo
"Do you have your turtle backpack?"
"Check!" My daughter works to give a thumbs up, focusing on folding her fingers down.
"Juice box?"
"Okay then. Are we ready to go?"
"I'm ready, Mommy!"
It is a beautiful spring day, and we have arrived at the zoo. We check out a red plastic wagon and proceed to our favorite enclosure—the elephants. Normally, these awesome creatures are outside, reaching with their trunks for hay strung high up in the rafters of a light shelter or playing in their slow, elephant way. Today, however, we are in for a treat. It's bath time.
One of the elephants is sandwiched into a just elephant-sized metal corral that is visible from a large window high up in the building that houses the animals at night. My daughter presses her face against it, watching intently as one keeper sprays the elephant with a garden hose and another keeper scrubs her down with a large bristle brush.
"Look! Look!" My daughter reaches for my leg and pulls. "She's brushing her teeth!"
Indeed, the keeper is now scrubbing the impressive tusks and patting the elephant's cheek. Its long eyelashes shift slightly as if to say, okay, get it done if you must.
It is a big moment for a toddler when she discovers that even elephants must have their teeth brushed, and it's an added bonus for mommies who can go home and say, "All right! Let's brush teeth like the elephant!" and receive a smile in return.