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Lesson Transcript

I went yard saling this morning, hoping to find summer clothes for my daughter. On the second sale, I hit the proverbial jackpot. I got enough clothes to last her this spring and summer, with a few left over in case of irreversible stains. When I got home, I showed all of the various shorts, pants, and little t-shirts to my little girl. Her only response was, "Where are the dresses?"
Now, I am not a girly girl. I prefer pants and power tools to dresses and shopping. I have never been a cheerleader. For Halloween, I choose the witch costume over the fairy princess. My daughter, however, is another story. At two and a half, she already loves to put on princess dresses and tiaras, and she even crosses her legs when she sits down. I often wonder where she learned that.
I can take some comfort in the fact that my only child's current favorite movie is Shrek, and she absolutely loves Princess Fiona. Fiona, in contrast to many cartoon princesses, is self-sufficient. She even knows karate and has no problem eating rats while out camping in the wild (even I wouldn't do that). But she remains a princess who waited in her tower for her "champion" to come rescue her.
I know that my daughter's tastes will change over time, and by no means do I expect her to be just like me. I just hope that the tea parties are balanced, every once in a while, with the sound of a miter saw.