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Lesson Transcript

The Library
"Is this the library?" my daughter asks as we pull into the parking lot.
"Yes, it is," I say.
"Yay! The library!" She is ecstatic and jumping up and down in her car seat. "Can I play on the computer?"
Although her statement does give me pause, I'm not too concerned about her being happier about the computer games than the books we are actually there to get. The games are educational after all, and besides, my daughter absolutely loves to read.
While she plays on the computer, I pick out books for her for the week. Today's children's books are far different from the ones I remember. For one thing, the library we go to must be much better funded than the one I went to as a child. Many of the books are new, most are in good condition, and there is a huge selection. One whole wing of the library is dedicated to children under thirteen.
I try to pick books that are different from those we have already read.
Different subjects, art styles, and writing styles are what attract me to a children's book. It always amazes me which books she gets attached to for the week.
Sometimes they are brightly colored, feature talking animals in silly situations, and are full of fun. Some are quieter books with muted colors and seemingly adult lessons. The lesson from last week's favorite is that one should never get into a rut. The main character is a couch potato who is eventually encouraged to try new things by a magic refrigerator. In the end, he leaves the relative comfort of his home to travel and experience the world firsthand.
I'm not sure who learns more from our weekly library visits, me or my daughter.