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Lesson Transcript

After we found out about the new baby, my husband and I knew it was time. It was time for our daughter to move out of her crib and into her big-girl bed.
I got online and searched for the type of bed she would get. Would it be a captain's bed with drawers beneath? A set of bunk beds for future sleepovers? A simple twin? Since both children would be sharing the same room, we decided that bunk beds were our best bet. I found one for a great price on Craigslist and drove an hour and a half to pick it up.
The next day, I took my daughter to pick out her very first set of big-girl sheets, her very first big-girl comforter, and her very first big-girl pillow. Out of all the sheets in the store, she chose a hot pink set. The comforter has pink ribbons quilted into it. But it was the pillow that bothered me the most.
When we arrived home, my daughter helped me wash and dry her new bedding. We made her bed, and she immediately climbed into it. It was only then, when she had snuggled her curly brown head into her new pillow, that I realized what was happening. My baby was big enough to sleep in a regular bed. And she had an adult-sized pillow beneath her head.
Now, I had spent the last two and a half years removing every stuffed animal and other plush item from my baby's bed for fear of suffocation in the night. We did not have a bumper pad in her crib when she arrived home from the hospital. She did not use a blanket until she was well over six months old. And here she was, sharing her pillow with her stuffed lobster and preparing for her first night in her new bed.
I knew that I would not sleep well that night.