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Lesson Transcript

The Open Road
It is six-thirty in the morning. I get into my mini-van and hit the road for Greenville, North Carolina, a town about an hour and fifteen minutes south of my house. The van is loaded down with furniture for children's rooms, acrylic paintings, and a bag packed for a weekend stay. I am heading for a holiday craft show; my mom is a doll maker, and I am a painter. This will be our first show together, and I am a bit nervous. What if we don't sell anything? What if we do sell everything? My mind is running a mile a minute.
The small, two-lane highway opens up before me. My headlights cut the dark. The overture to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is playing on my iPod. It is a peaceful morning, and I am the only one out besides the school buses. I am reminded of junior high school and the hour and thirty minute ride from my house in Los Angeles to the magnet school on the hill by the beach.
I take a turn a bit too quickly, and I hear my painting shift in the back. I crane my neck to see if anything appears to be in danger of being damaged. Everything seems to be in place. What if no one likes my work?
The sky begins to lighten, and more cars join me heading south. I wonder where they are all headed. To work? To school? I wonder what they are thinking; what they are worried about on this particular dawn.
If you could drive anywhere, where would you go and why?