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EnglishClass101.com Verified
Wednesday at 06:30 PM
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This is the first in our series of "Buzzword" lessons! These lessons will give you some insight into the most current buzzwords-- the words everyone is using to describe new technology or new events or phenomena. What did you think? Had you ever heard the word, "buzzword" before listening to this lesson? What are some of your favorite English buzzwords? What buzzwords are especially confusing for you?

Monday at 04:49 AM
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Very interesting โ€˜buzzwordsโ€™ I never heard before.

Wednesday at 09:45 AM
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Hi Mikailu!

Thanks for the comment!

I recommend using an etymology dictionary like this one if you'd like to find out the origins of certain words: http://www.etymonline.com/ :)

I think it really depends on the word!

Mikailu A. Dauda
Thursday at 05:36 PM
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In truth, I wasn't unaware of the fact that new words are formed or exist in English for some reason and with origins. For instance, the word 'Odyssey' originated from the Odessey, a Greek poem said to have been written by Hommer, about the adventures of Odysseus, which is to say its origin is traceable to this hero (Odysseus). But I must confess, I hadn't the slitest idea, what such words are called until this moment.What is more? I was wondering if most buzzwords could be traced to slangs as was the case with the word 'Fan'

Cheers! and thanks.

Wednesday at 02:11 AM
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Hi Sadia,

I am sorry, but I still get files with the size of 3 bytes which are not valid PDFs.

Though I can download Lesson Notes from Japanese101.com.


Dirk Eismann

Salivia Baker
Wednesday at 02:04 AM
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Well Sadia, I am a media buff. Media in all shapes and colours. Languages is a rather new interest in that direction (I must admit the closeness from English and German made it first uninteresting but through those buzzwords I got interested in taking a closer look, especially the connection between society/people and languages [written and spoken]).

As for new suggestions, I go with Dirk. Those are great suggestions!

Wednesday at 12:04 AM
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Hi, Dirk:

Thanks for your comments. We actually do have a lesson on webcasting coming up! We'll try to address some of the other terms you've suggested in future lessons-- they're all great ideas!

I seem to be able to download the lesson notes on this end; try once more. Let us know if you still have trouble.

Thanks again, Dirk!

Tuesday at 06:35 PM
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Hi Sadia, hi Keith!

I would like to learn about the origin, meaning, usage and the differences of the words "podcast", "podcatching", "screencast", "videocast".

Best regards

Dirk Eismann

p.s. The "Lesson Notes" of this episode seem to be empty. I have been able to download with a size of 3 bytes.

Tuesday at 06:59 AM
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Salivia-- you're exactly right! And you state your point so eloquently!

Glad you like the Buzzwords series! We'll keep it coming!

Salivia Baker
Saturday at 04:20 AM
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I know about buzzwords but never heard the word itself before.

I love such words or phrases because you live the language. Language is something alive, something that grows and changes do the people and the world we live in.

I'm looking forwards to more buzzwords :)