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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Hello Listeners! Do you enjoy watching American Baseball games? 

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Sunday at 06:59 PM
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Hi Riska,

Welcome to EnglishClass101.com!

Thank you for contacting us about this. Are you an absolute beginner? If you are and you have no experience with English at all, we suggest you start with the very basics: the alphabet and how to read and write English. There is a whole series dedicated to the alphabet and learning how to write, so please consider starting there.

Another series that is worth watching really early in your English learning is our pronunciation-related lessons.

You would then be ready to start with one of our main series, the Absolute Beginner series.

The next step would be the Beginner series, then the Upper Beginner, the Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, and finally the Upper Intermediate series. Each lesson of these series contains a dialogue and focuses on grammar, vocabulary, vocabulary usage, sample sentences and cultural notes.

In between these series, you can of course listen or watch other series too, depending on what appeals to you and your needs. However, the core grammar is found on the aforementioned series.

Should you need extra help with grammar, check out our grammar banks:


As for enriching your vocabulary, you can check out the vocabulary lists:


We're constantly adding new content. Check out the other options under the menu ""Vocabulary"" as well.

We hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions about the website or English, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Wishing you all the best!


Team EnglishClass101.com

Sunday at 02:31 PM
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Halloo ?

My english very poor, and i m really want to know english language well, so maybe you can give me some way for improve my english, then i hope i can speak english well,

So if you can help me about my problem in english,

I will be gratefully ??

Thanks ?

Englishclass101.com Verified
Thursday at 07:16 PM
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Hi faeq,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Team Englishclass101.com

Thursday at 03:34 PM
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thank you...it's easy to learn with your web site

Englishclass101.com Verified
Wednesday at 04:20 AM
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Hi Cesar,

Great to know that you're enjoying our website!

Please stay tuned! Every week we'll have new lessons for you! ;)


Team Englishclass101.com

Wednesday at 01:40 AM
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I like your tecnique to Learn English.Thank you.

Englishclass101.com Verified
Thursday at 12:55 AM
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Hi Allen,

Thank you for taking your time to leave us a comment.

Looking forward to seeing you often here.:wink:


Team Englishclass101.com

Thursday at 12:13 AM
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I like NBA!!!!

Wednesday at 05:18 PM
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Hi Willy Salgado,

An acronym comes from the first letters of other words, which are then said as a word. For example, we pronounce NASA as "nasa", not as N A S A. Initials aren't pronounced as words and are usually from people's names.

I hope this helps!


Team EnglishClass101.com

Willy Salgado
Wednesday at 10:32 PM
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Nice lesson! I learned so much!

I have never seen a baseball game. Just in a movies.

Now i can say how ordinary baseball rules work! Thank you all

Which is the difference between the acronyms and the initials?

See ya