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Lesson Transcript

Becky: Opening an Umbrella Inside and Four-Leaf Clovers. Becky here.
Eric: And I'm Eric.
Becky: In this lesson, you’ll learn about two common superstitions in the U.S. The first superstition is about bad luck. What are we going to talk about?
Eric: First we’re going to talk about opening an umbrella inside the house.
Becky: In the U.S., it's believed that opening an umbrella while inside a building will bring bad luck.
Eric: Bringing an already opened umbrella inside, however, is totally fine.
Becky: It's most likely because umbrellas are big. If you open them inside, you might break something or knock something over.
Eric: Or get everything wet.
Becky: Right, so this is another superstition that’s around for practical reasons.
Eric: So, open umbrellas outside to have good luck and fewer accidents.
Becky: Let’s now talk about something that brings good luck...
Eric: Something we think is very lucky are four-leaf clovers.
Becky: In the U.S., it's believed that four-leaf clovers will bring luck. The more leaves, the better!
Eric: It's because the Celtic Druids in Ireland used to believe that three-leaf and four-leaf clovers would help them see evil spirits approaching.
Becky: Since four-leaf clovers are more rare, they became a symbol of good luck.
Eric: Right, three-leaf clovers are pretty common, so they’re not as lucky.
Becky: Exactly. For every four-leaf clover, there are about 10,000 clovers with only three leaves.
Eric: Wow, I guess you have to be a little lucky just to find one.


Becky: There you have it - two American superstitions! Are they similar to any of your country’s superstitions? Let us know in the comments!
Eric: Bye!