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Tuesday at 6:30 pm
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Have you ever had to ask for directions in an English-speaking country?

Saturday at 12:28 pm
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Hi Maxi,

"Get off of the train" is commonly used in spoken American English. Although "get off the train" is more grammatically correct, "get off of" is probably more common in the US. If you said "get off of the train" in a conversation, nobody would think that you were incorrect.

Thanks for your question! :smile:


Team EnglishClass101.com

Saturday at 4:03 pm
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Hello teacher:

one question:"The phrase is used as a kind of warning to passengers-it's an opportunity to prepare to

get off of the train or bus",In this sentence, why using the get off of the train instead of using get off the train or bus?

"Get off the train" or "get off of the train" which is correct ?


Wednesday at 6:04 pm
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HI Haitham,

"speeding along" usually happens when you are driving along in a car. In the sentence, the person is driving very fast while looking through the mentioned guidebook.

"but you barely manage to make it off the train" means that you almost don't get out of the train before the doors close and have just made it off the train in time.

"sensing your utter confusion" means that you are aware of (sensing).

"sensing" comes from the senses, meaning that if you use your senses you are aware of something or know about it. "utter confusion" means that the person does not understand what is going on and is confused.

Thanks again for your questions and good luck!

Kind regards,


Team EnglishClass101.com

Wednesday at 7:20 am
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Hello ,

Could you please help me i have question ,"speeding along and looking through your New York guidebook."

speeding along what is this mean ,another question "but you barely manage to make it off the train" could you please explain this sentence, and finally "sensing your utter confusion" barely i can understand this ,

I know it's a lot question Excuse me,

Thanks a lot .