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Tuesday at 6:30 pm
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Have you ever had any American dishes? Which ones did you like?

Monday at 8:41 pm
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Hi Tuan Tran,

Thank you for your reply. We're glad your doubt was solved:thumbsup:

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


Team Englishclass101.com

Tuan Tran
Friday at 5:13 am
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Hi Kellie,

I get it now. Thank you very much.

Tuesday at 5:29 pm
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Hi Tuan Tran,

1) You can use "for good reason" to show that a belief or idea is true. In this case, there are reasons why small talk is considered an art, and these reasons are true.

2) If you haven't done something "in some time," it means you haven't done it for a while. For example, "I haven't eaten pizza in six months" or "I haven't eaten pizza in some time."

I hope that helps!


Team EnglishClass101.com

Tuan Tran
Wednesday at 8:36 am
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Could you please explain my two questions?

1. What does 'for good reason' mean in this sentence 'Small talk is sometimes considered an art-- and

probably for good reason!'

2.'They probably went to games often but they haven't gone in some time.' What does 'in some time' mean?

Thank you very much.