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Lesson Transcript

Walking under a ladder
Did you know? It's believed in the U.S., that walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck.
This superstition probably arose to deter people from walking under a ladder to reduce risk of ladder-related injuries.
Other sources say that it's because a ladder forms a triangle, a symbol of the Holy Trinity, and walking through it is blasphemous.
If you walk under a ladder, spit three times between the rungs or cross your fingers until you see a dog.
Hanging a horseshoe
In the U.S., it's believed that hanging a horseshoe, especially above a doorway, is good luck. Make sure to hang it so that it makes a "U" shape, otherwise, the luck will drain out.
Supposedly, the iron in the horseshoe repels and causes pain to any evil spirits that try to enter the house.
Like most American superstitions, the act of hanging a horseshoe has Christian and Pagan origins.