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Monday at 6:30 pm
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Sunday at 10:03 pm
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Hi Fangfang Wu,

“Non-date” is a slang term. A ‘non-date’ is a meeting that you think should be a date, but isn’t a date. You can use ‘non’ in front of other nouns in this way, such as in examples like ‘non-issue.’ A ‘non-issue’ is an issue that should be a problem, but isn’t a problem.

Hope that helps!
Team EnglishClass101.com

Sunday at 9:54 pm
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Hi Takashi,

Thank you for your suggestion! That’s something we’ll look in to ๐Ÿ‘

Do you have our Daily Dose application? Every day there is a short lesson, and amongst these lessons are slang words and terms, and also idioms.

You can also check them here;
US English > https://www.englishclass101.com/calendar/
UK English > https://www.englishclass101.com/calendar/uk/

Team EnglishClass101.com

Friday at 6:17 pm
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Hi AungZW,

‘call it even’ - to decide that things are equal, even if they’re not
‘high five’ - a physical gesture where two people raise hands and slap their palms together
‘got’ - this can be used as an informal word in many ways. In that example, it’s used as ‘have’
‘it works every time’ - this is pretty literal. It means that whenever you do something, it’s successful every time.
‘you’re cool, man’ - ‘cool’ is an adjective saying someone is ‘impressive’ or ‘good.’ This is just a way of telling someone you think they’re cool.

Team EnglishClass101.com

Fangfang Wu
Thursday at 6:23 am
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It’s really helpful to study the comments that are listed, that make me confused issues were answered by someone’s same questions. But one question from Edwin didn’t answered by you. It talked about non date, what’s mean of that. Would you please explain it later.
I’m so glad I’m able to use the comments to become interactive with other learners. Thanks for you good English class. I like it.

Wednesday at 4:08 pm
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Hello EnglishClass101 Team,

Thanks for the fun learning material. I just started this on-line lesson a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it. After listening and reading through some lesson dialogues including the above one however, I started to feel that a little more detailed explanation should have been given regarding colloquial expressions. For example, the above dialogue includes a phrase “call it even”. Since I did not understand this expression, I checked it up in my dictionary and now understand it. If any explanation was given for that kind of phrases in the “Vocabulary” or “Lesson Notes” section, it would be more convenient for us learners. Could you please consider that?

Sunday at 7:29 pm
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What does it mean in dialogue ” call it even”, “High five!”?
I don’t understand “got to give”. Got means “have”?
other things are “It works every time” and ” you’re cool, man”, please explain me.

Monday at 4:11 pm
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Hi EnglishClass101.com,

In this lesson, I got a Ultimate Strategy to plunder a girl from somebody by Wicked-peace ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

Friday at 11:08 am
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Hi Melkayra,

Yes, โ€œYou got to give me the detailsโ€ means”You must give me the details”.

This is very informal and the proper (also informal) phrasing is “You have got to give me the details.” Often “have ” is left out when speaking with friends or when we are excited. We use “got” instead of “get” because it’s paired with “have”. Even if we drop “have”, we still use “got”.

I hope that makes sense!
Team EnglishClass101.com

Sunday at 5:20 am
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“You got to give me the details” what does “got to”
mean in this sentence? It means you must give me the details? If the answer is yes why they don’t say ” you get to give me the details ? I mean why they use got instead of get? Why v3?

Thank you

Saturday at 12:43 pm
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Hi Kate.

I’m sorry, but in this case Mike did intend to spill the coffee on Susan’s ex-boyfriend. By doing so, he made the ex-boyfriend very angry and made himself look better by staying calm. It was a sneaky trick to get to know Susan better, but it worked ๐Ÿ˜Ž

If you have any other questions, please ask!

Team EnglishClass101.com