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Lesson Transcript

A beautiful, pure young woman. She is usually in peril, i.e. kidnapped or the victim of a spell, and is rescued by the prince.
A brave, noble man who is next in line to be king. Often, he is on a quest or rescues a princess and marries her.
A very small, supernatural being, often female, who can work magic and fly. They often help the main characters.
An ugly, wicked sorceress (occasionally male). She may ride a broomstick and have a black cat. She is usually an obstacle for the main characters.
A beautiful, white horse with a magical horn on its forehead. Unicorns are good, pure creatures who can heal people.
A giant, flying reptile that breathes fire and loves gold. They’re animals, so they’re not necessarily good or evil, but they’re very destructive and often slain by a hero.