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Official, Hollywood official.
Black. Zebra, hole, Michael Jackson.
Shirt, color, night.
Cats, cows. Why cows? Shoes.
Little black dresses.
Black clothes, dark feelings like goth, goth people. Black pepper, how about that?
White. Teeth, bones, milk.
Sky, mouse. The mouse is white.
Swans, kittens.
T-shirts, keeping my shirt clean. Church and white rice?
Red. Sunburn, scarlet.
Red. Oh, red wine, red lobster, Mars the red planet.
Roses, lipstick.
Chocolate, cake with strawberries.
Red blood, red communism, red velvet cake.
Green. Trees, nature, envy.
You know, the jungle is green, grass, healthy.
Forests, turtles, matcha.
Green money. I think of the forest and hiking and all that nature stuff. It's really nice, I like it.
Blue. Sky, sad, monkey.
Why monkey?
So, I've been to a bar called โ€œThe Blue Monkeyโ€.
Oh, okay.
Blue. Ocean, tranquility. It's a good word. Blue moon. What is blue?
Ocean, whales, Dory, the fish from โ€œFinding Nemo.โ€
Blue is blue skies, blue water like the deep blue sea. I don't know. Oh, blue beer. I recently had blue beer which is really good.
That's all there is to it. Okay. I was, like, getting too nervous because, like, I'm thinking too hard about this but, like.


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