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Mountain. Love, climb, Himalaya.
Love just because you love mountains?
Yes, I do.
Climbing. Mt. Everest, avalanche.
Deer, clouds.
Lumberjacks and pancakes and the mountain hiking obviously.
Why pancakes?
I have a vision that they eat a lot of pancakes.
Island. Beach, relaxing, ocean.
Hurricanes, coconuts.
Palm trees, beach, sunburn.
Island. I think of Weezer, โ€œIsland In The Sunโ€. An oasis maybe, like, where you can eat good food, seafood. Yeah, I don't know, island, Hawaii maybe.
Forest. Hike, revive, refresh.
Forest. Birds chirping, tall trees, quiet.
Foliage, rabbits, bear traps.
Like a log cabin in the forest. Nature, Studio Ghibli, you know, Princess Mononoke stuff, mysterious forces. Mysterious, that's what I think.
River. Rafting, Ohio, fast. I'm from Ohio.
Ohio River.
Ohio River, of course.
Flooding, rafting and salmon.
Canoeing, fish, wet socks.
Fish, maybe salmon and bears. Bears eating salmon.
Ocean. Danger. I have a fear of scuba diving. Yeah. I'm โ€“ and, yeah. You know, that best happens in the ocean.
Ocean. The blue whale, of course. Motion and taking a swim.
Coral, sharks, lifeboat.
Ocean is awesome. I think it's awesome, I love the ocean for sure. Ocean is also very mysterious, kind of, we don't know anything about the ocean really. Seafood.
I want to do more now. You can't โ€“
You just got warmed up, right?
That's all there is to it.
All right.

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