Lesson Transcript

New York. Busy, exciting, musicals.
New York. Oh, that's easy. Brooklyn, Manhattan, immigrants.
New York. Oh, gosh. David Letterman, Statue of Liberty. Pizza.
A little bit dirty. You know, when – I have family in New York, so every time I go to visit, it's like, man, this place is dirty. And I think people are very straightforward, you have to respect it even if it comes off as rude. I respect it for sure, they're honest people.
Los Angeles. Beaches, Hollywood, driving.
Actors, hipsters, you need a car.
Fashion, pollution, burritos.
Los Angeles. Home, that's where I'm from. I think of going home, I think of my family, I think of Mexican food. L.A. is whatever, like, it – like, it has whatever you want. Yeah, it has everything.
Chicago. Cold, windy, food.
Chicago. Deep-dish pizza, wind, the filming location of The Dark Knight. I believe.
Pizza, wind, Obama.
Chicago. Windy City, I think of the Windy City, Chicago pizza for sure and very underrated city in America. I think not a lot of people know about how cool Chicago is, like it's a pretty cool city.
Atlanta. Hot, “Hotlanta”.
Baseball, airports.
Atlanta. Georgia, Outkast. One more, the Georgia peach. Southern hospitality.
Yeah, The South, Georgia peaches. Yeah, Georgia peaches are a thing.
Oh, gosh. Atlanta, I think of like deep-fried stuff, fried chicken and, like, deep-fried, I don't know, hamburgers or something. I think of very unhealthy food when I think of Atlanta. I think of the Atlanta Falcons football team.
One more.
Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is from Atlanta.
Washington D.C. Politics, government, boring.
Washington D.C. Politicians, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial.
History, presidents, monuments.
The White House and all the historical Washingtony things that are there. You know, the president is there. Washington D.C. tourist destination.
And that's all.
Wow, cool. That was fun.