Lesson Transcript

I pledge allegiance to the flag.
Temperature and clouds. I mean, I associate clouds with the rain because obviously it doesn't rain when there's a blue sky. Temperature, I'm kind of learning this summer that it could be any temperature and still rain.
Rain. Spring, warm weather and maybe – what else? Rain, flowers. April showers bring May flowers, yeah.
Rain. Clouds and water. Clouds because rain comes from clouds and water is because that's what rain is.
Cloudy. Tokyo Summers. Cloudy, typically what the sky looks like. And since I've been here in Japan, I've experienced the rainy season pretty much every day in June.
The umbrella.
The umbrella.
The umbrella.
The umbrella. I picked umbrella because on the first rainy day, my trip to Japan I forgot an umbrella and I got drenched by the rain, so always carry an umbrella.
Umbrella because you always want to make sure you have your – an umbrella when it rains.
Are you one of those people who prefers rain to sunshine or are you a sunny type of person?
Absolutely, rain. I love thunderstorms.
Okay. Wow.
I mean, as long as I have an umbrella that's fine.
Sunburn, outdoors, hiking. Sunburn because I have Swedish skin and it's really fair, so I get sunburned a lot. Outdoors because there's no sunshine indoors or it's artificial. And hiking, I love hiking on a nice sunny day.
Sunshine. Summer, the beach.
Beach. Beach because it's, like, the place you would want to go when it's a sunny day.
Beach goer?
No, I actually like the mountains a lot more than the beach, but when I think of the sun, I think of the beach.
And sunscreen.
Skies and the sun. I could always think of a blue sky when I just – when I think of sunshine, so that's why.
No clouds, yellow and bright, opposite of rainy, clear skies. Let's see, yellow, color of the sun and bright, it's a big ball of fire.
Gust, tipping and stressful. Gust because a big gust of wind will come and surprise you. Tipping.
Tipping. It's like, you know.
I picture light things tipping over in strong winds. I said “stressful” because it's stressful to walk in the wind, man.
Wind. Hmm, I think of the flute, I think of, what else, night breezes and I think of looking up at the stars. I guess, I don't know. So I thought of the flute because I was a flute player in high school and the flute is a wind instrument. When I was a kid my dad and I used to go out at night and look at the stars so that was the reason for the last two.
I feel a pop song coming out. It's a nice clue, so.
Wind. Hurricane, trees. Hurricane because I was actually in a hurricane before and so, that was – that’s always a thought of mine that comes up.
Was that in New York? Or it's in, like –
Oh, you're in –
In Hurricane Katrina.
Yeah. It was a pretty crazy time back then. I was born in New York, but, like, from age, like, three to twelve I was raised in New Orleans, so.
And then left after Katrina?
Yeah, like, that was the reason why I left New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina.
Strong, messy hair, tornadoes.
There you go. If you've got a long hair like me, you want to make sure you always tie it back or else, you know, you end up eating it. Tornadoes is like massive amounts of wind all in one, stay away.
Good advice.
Dark and depressing. Dark because a lot of the times clouds cover up the sun, so it's darker and depressing because I like sunny days with blue skies.
I think of identifying clouds, like cloud shapes. I think of shadows. When you're a kid and you're, like, laying on the ground and you're, like, oh, it's a turtle, it's a baby.
So, like, picture clouds.
Not like that's a cumulus nimbus.
Shadows, yeah, because clouds create shadows because they're blocking the sun, I don't know.
When I think of cloud, shadow, cool, like, yeah, cool. Shadow because like, that's usually what a cloud creates, like a nice shadow and then usually in the shadow it's a cool area compared to outside the shadow.
Fluffy, cotton candy, white.
Clouds usually look pretty fluffy. Other fluffy things include cotton candy and typically clouds are white.
Rain. You need clouds for it to rain.
Rain because the rain comes from clouds.
People is usually scared of lightning when they see it.
Scary, I was thinking of, like, have you seen the movie Ted? It's like “thunder buddy”.
So if you get scared, go find your thunder buddy. Loud and flashes of light. Loud because if you're close to a streak of lightning it's going to be loud. I mean it'll still be loud if you're far away, but it'll be delayed. Flashes of light, yeah, I just associated lightning bolt with a flash of light.
Lightning, I think of storms, dark weather and, I don't know, tornadoes.
So storms obvious because lightning goes with storms. Tornadoes, I don't know, bad weather, lightning, dark weather, storms again I guess.
Lightning. Thunderstorms, flashes. Thunderstorms because that's usually lightning is like the first sign of a thunderstorm. Once you see lightning there's often rain that follows, heavy rain that follows after it.
Thunder. Harry Potter, electricity. Lightning and thunder usually go hand in hand. Harry Potter has a lightning shape – a lightning bolt carved on his forehead. And electricity, that's what lightning is made of or produces, one of the other.
I don't really have any closing thoughts. But I do not like rainy weather, I always wish it was a sunny weather, so I could just go to the beach whenever I felt like it.
Check before the forecast beforehand, make sure you're properly dressed and prepared for whatever comes your way.
Weather is weather.
What that? It's what I said.
What was the other the first word? What was the middle one?