Lesson Transcript

I'm actually a reptile person.
I've a pet snake, so.
You have a pet snake?
I do, a boa python.
Is it cheating if I use an echo?
Felines, dogs, mice. I guess another word for a cat is a feline or a cat is a type of feline. Opposite of cats, dogs. And cats usually chase mice. I don't know. I have never actually seen it before, but that's –
That’s what they say?
Yeah. That’s what they say.
Falling, purring, if that's a word “purr”?
And whiskers. And the reason why I thought of falling was because cats are like notoriously known for always landing on their four feet every time they fall from something. Purring is because that's the sound that cats make when they purr. I can't really make the noise, but purr. And whiskers because cats have whiskers.
Do you like cats?
Its starting to grow on me actually. I wasn't originally a cat person, but a lot of my friends have cats and every time I go over to their house to, like, not even to play with their cats, but usually just to hang out, the cat's always come up to me and it's like hard to push them away and, like, I just forced to accept it. And then I started growing on me eventually, so I guess I could say I like cats now.
I think of tabby cats and I think of pumpkin and I think of cats hiding under the bed.
Okay. I have a feeling you have a cat.
My grandparents had a lot of cats and my ex-boyfriend had a cat named Pumpkins.
So, that’s why Pumpkin. Yeah.
So, yeah, my grandparents had tabby cats that hid up – hid under the bed, so that is why.
Tabby and under the bed.
Golden retrievers, Shiba Inus, Pomeranians. All types of dog breeds, I also have a Pomeranian, Shiba Inu native to Japan. What was the first? Oh, golden retriever. And an – and an iconic dog, classic.
Dog. Wag, let's see, fetch. Yeah, wag, because that's like what dogs do when they're excited, they wag their tail and fetch because dogs are known for fetching objects if you throw it, so yeah.
Yeah, I'm definitely a dog person. I'm more of a dog person. I always wanted a dog. Actually, I had a dog when I was a little kid.
Dog. I think of Sadie, poodle and toys.
Sadie, my dog. She's a toy poodle.
She has a lot of toys?
She does have a lot of toys about the same sizes as – of her. Like she has toys that are the same size that she is.
Does she have any bigger? It's funny to see a little toy poodle with like huge stuffed animals.
Yeah. Uh-hmm.
Yeah. Yeah.
When she was a puppy, she had ones that were bigger and they were like this big and so.
Dog. Food and squirrel. Food, because my dog will literally eat anything you drop in like less than a second, it's crazy. And squirrel because he loves to chase squirrels too.
What kind of dog is he?
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Oh, wow.
Yeah. Bark.
Bark. Bark, because dogs make barking noises.
Carnivals, orange, short lifespan. Back by my home town we used to have a carnival where you could always scoop up goldfish and you win the little bags and take them home. Never lasted that long unfortunately, but all of them were a beautiful bright orange color.
Goldfish. A small fish tank, even though it's like two words, but so –
That works.
Yeah. It works, right? Like small fish tank and a tiny castle. But, you know, that's another –
It's just –
It's another two words. Usually I thought of tiny castle, because like usually – or my image of fish tanks with goldfish they usually have like a small little tiny castle inside of it. And the small fish tank is usually because that's like the most famous home for a goldfish in my opinion.
Goldfish. I think of lipstick; I think of – I think of death.
And I think of my sister Kristen.
Okay. So, let’s unpack those three.
Okay. So, my first goldfish was named “Lipstick”. And my sister also had a goldfish and her goldfish killed my goldfish.
How? It's intense. Why Lipstick, first of all?
Okay, so its name was Lipstick because it had these really red lips and they were really big, so Lipstick. You know, five-year-olds, lipstick.
So, and then it died and I think of my sister because my sister's goldfish killed my goldfish.
Goldfish. Tank and water tank. Tank because just like the association of fish in a fish tank, I guess goldfish are usually more of a bowl, but still. Water because that's where goldfish dwell. Yeah. They need – they need it for life. Swimming.
Swimming because goldfish love to swim.
Because that's what fishes do.
Easter and – oh, boy. Albino. One of my friends actually used to have an albino rabbit named “Marshmallow” they live forever. Easter, the Easter Bunny.
Bugs Bunny, if I can use that. That's a good word. Well, I'm kind of cheating using two words, but “hopping”. Bugs Bunny, we all know Bugs Bunny, he's a the most famous rabbit you could think of. And hopping, that's what rabbits do, they’re always hopping everywhere to go.
Rabbit. Okay. So, I think of fire alarms, I think of Mickey and I think of breaking my arm.
Okay. So, my sister got a bunny and – when I was in the first grade, his name was “Mickey” and he died while our fire alarm was going off. And then like a few weeks later I broke my arm.
Did he die in a fire or that was timing?
No. It was just timing. He died because he stopped eating.
So, a boy pushed me down a hill and I landed on my arm.
You had an exciting childhood. But everything's okay now, right?
Yeah, everything's fine now. Ready for the next one?
Rabbit. Hat, magic and hopping. A hat because magicians pull rabbits out of hats, magic because magicians pull rabbits out of hats, and hopping because bunny hop.
Carrots. They receive carrots. Cute, shells. I always think they're really cute with their little beaks and they've got lovely different sorts of shells.
Turtle. Shell, I want to say Master Splinter.
Yeah. Shell because, of course, all turtles have shells and that's like their home and their main protection at all times. Master Splinter because of the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he was their master and their sensei. So, thank you Master Splinter for being there.
Turtle. I didn't have any turtles. I think of snapper turtles, I think of orange and I think of roadsides. So, in South Carolina there are a lot of turtles that you see on the side of the road and they usually have orange streaks through their necks and they're usually snapper turtles.
That's – the orange streak is just their natural color?
Have you ever seen somebody stick like a stick on a snapper turtle?
No, I haven't. No.
Right in front? They bite it and –
It's crazy, very powerful.
Turtle. Green and easy-going. Green, because that's the color I associated with turtles even though they're not all green. And easy-going because if I had the opportunity to talk to a talking turtle then I would assume he’d be very easygoing.
Turtles are typically not the fastest creatures.
Slow because turtles move very slowly.
Turtles are always known for going slow, but that doesn't mean that they always lose the race. In the race between the turtle and the rabbit, the turtle won, so being slow isn't always bad.
Nice. Drop in some wisdom, let’s fit it in.
Any last thoughts on pets? Do you want to sell the glories of reptile pet ownership?
Though snakes are law friendlier than you think, I highly recommend it, low maintenance, good companions, take him out and pet him every once in a while. Better than a dog.
Better than a dog?
You'd be surprised, yeah.
Wow, because that's a strong stance.
He's a good boy. He's name is Buddy.
I've always been a Bugs Bunny fan, a Looney Tunes fan. Like, as a kid I always watched Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons growing up. Goldfish? The goldfish kind of reminded me of the TV show Fairly OddParents because they was always in the form of a goldfish and Timmy turned his room, so that's kind of where also got the little – the small castle idea from.
I had a lot of pets, a lot of bad experiences with pets.
Where? In a lot of outliving, a lot them dying.
Yeah. A lot of outliving and lot about dying and a lot of life lessons with pets.
Alright, nice.
No, I think I'm good.