Lesson Transcript

Let's get it. Let's go.
International, bad food, tickets. Usually when I fly, fly internationally, like to travel to new places, airplane food isn't the best though. Pack your own.
Long distances and cramped quarters. Long distances because a lot of the times you're on a plane for a long time, not always but mostly, for me at least. And cramped quarters because I never have any leg space on the airplane.
I think about 34 hours. I think about airports and I think about lost luggage. My trip to Japan was 34 hours long. It was 34 hours of flying or waiting. When I got to Tokyo, my luggage was lost and they didn't find it until about a week later.
Airport and travel, flying.
Flying. Whenever I get on an airplane, I fly.
Flying because that's what airplanes do, they fly in the sky way high above the land. It's weird because I actually like traveling on airplane but at the same time I'm afraid of heights. So, for some reason, I feel safe inside of an airplane but if I was outside the airplane, I'd be freaking out.
Choo-choo, conductors. Does choo-choo count as a word?
I think so.
Okay. And onomatopoeia, the sound that a train makes. Conductor, the person who runs the train, usually have a snazzy little hat.
Train. Railroad, driving and cramped quarters. I don't drive trains but someone does. Cramped quarters again because during rush hour, Japan gets very cramped on the train.
Train. I think of my grandmother. I think of New York City Metro. And, I think of the Tokyo Metro as well. So, my grandmother lives in New Jersey. Well, she used to live in New Jersey and now she lives in Bronx. She used to take a two-day train from New Jersey to South Carolina whenever she wanted to see us. So, that's why I think of my grandmother. And then, all of my family live in New York so that's why I think of the--not Tokyo, the New York metro. And I'm in Tokyo so I think of the Tokyo metro.
Train. Cross country, Thomas. Yeah, Thomas the choo-choo train. That’s his name, right? Thomas, the Tank Engine, there you go. It's a choo-choo train. Cross-country because whenever I think of traveling by train, it's usually domestically and to go like far places within the country. Tracks.
Tracks but the trains run on. License, parallel parking, and tires. Have to have a license to drive a car. You have to know how to parallel park to get your license, and you also have to make sure you have all four tires on your car, and make sure none of them are flat.
Was the parallel parking thing something that stress you out for the test?
Oh, boy, yeah.
Do you have a car in the U.S.?
I do. I have a Prius.
Oh, nice.
Good drive around town.
Speed, excitement and racing. Got a nice little theme for that one so I like to go fast in the car. Don't speed though. It's not good. It's pretty exciting when you're going fast. Still shouldn't do it. And racing, I'm a big fan of Need for Speed.
Do you have a car in the U.S.?
Yeah, yeah.
Is it a fast one?
What is it?
It's a four-cylinder Honda Civic.
It's reliable.
Yeah, yeah. Great gas mileage.
Car. So, I think of Colorado, I think of New Jersey, and I think of Florida because these are all of the states that usually we'd take car trips to, because my grandparents live in Florida. Most of my family lives in New Jersey. And my family really loves to ski so we go to Colorado a lot. To New Jersey, it's about 14 hours. Florida, it's about 12. Colorado I think it's 8.
Let's go with horn. Let's see. Wheels and rims. Horn because that's the cars' way of speaking to other passengers, like if you want to get someone's attention, you usually honk the horn. Cars, I actually love cars. It was a dream of mine to become like a race car driver and just race cars. If I was rich, I would probably just spend the rest of my life racing cars and doing that type of thing.
Public transportation, yellow. Buses are popular methods of public transportation. Good if you're in a city. Sometimes the buses are yellow like school buses.
Bus. Money, chairs, and no seatbelts. So, money, I have to spend money to get on a bus unless I have a pass. You have to spend money to get a pass too. Chairs, all of us, as I've been, I think I sit down.
Bus. So, I think of my grandmother's gift. I think of getting lost. And I think of New York. So, my mom made this photo album for my grandmother to give to my aunt, and then my aunt was supposed to give it to my grandmother and my aunt left it on the bus.
Oh, did you ever get it back?
No, we didn't. It was gone in New York. Yeah. So, that's why I think of New York as well. And then, I got lost on the bus in Tokyo.
Bus. Big. Let's see. Heavy. Heavy because buses are kind of huge. I would think that they weigh at least like two cars or more than two cars in each bus. I guess depending on the type of bus. There's like a school bus or a small handicap bus. Kind of different size but they're still kind of heavy.
School because I used to always have to take the school bus in order to get to school from my house, and it was it was okay. I didn't really like it too much but it wasn't that bad either.
When I went to school, I had to go to school in a big yellow bus every day. Bells and helmet. My bike has a cute little bell on it, good for indicating if you're trying to turn or let people know that you're behind them. And helmet because safety is priority.
Bicycle. Falling, bike trails. Falling, I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 11 years old because I fell when I was like 3. Bike trails because once I'd learned how to ride a bike finally, I'd love to go on bike trails.
My sister and my dad, and I think about being 3 years old. I think about being 3 years old because that's when I learned how to ride a bike. My sister is a big bike rider. She mountain bikes. She got hit by a car while she was riding a bike. And, I think about my dad because he taught me how to ride a bike.
Bicycle. Pedals, handlebars and spokes. Handlebars because you need to hold on the handlebars when you ride a bicycle unless you're super skilled and can ride without handlebars. I said spokes. Spokes are the bicycle's version of rims, the more spokes you have the better-looking the bike, in my opinion. And pedals because you need the pedal in order to travel on a bike.
Training wheels.
Training wheels because I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 11 years old. So, training wheels for quite some time.
Training wheels. And when you're first learning how to ride a bike, they're a good support system.
Any last thoughts on these transportation words?
Do you have any last thoughts on these transportation words?
I mean, they're handy to have but best-case scenario, you can always walk.
I have a pretty bad memory, I guess.
Yeah. I'm very memory-oriented. Okay. Thank you.