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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody!
Do you know what monsters Americans are scared of? In this lesson, you'll learn about three scary monsters in the USA.
Letโ€™s start with the most popular monster.
[slowly] Bigfoot
This is a large, hairy, gorilla-like creature.
Bigfoot is also called Sasquatch. According to folklore, it walks upright like a human and stands seven feet tall.
That sounds pretty scary, right?
You might have heard about the next monster. The next one is...
Jersey Devil
[slowly] Jersey Devil
It is a devil from New Jersey, and it is reportedly the child of Satan and a human witch.
This devil has a goat's head, a horse's hooves, and bat-like wings. As a child, it killed its mother's midwife. It still causes panic with its hauntings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Okay. Here's the last monster.
[slowly] Pukwudgie
Have you heard of this monster?
The pukwudgie is a dangerous, troll-like creature with gray skin. At first, they were friendly and playful, but then they turned bad after being briefly banished. They reportedly use their magical powers for one mission only - to trick and kill humans.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned. Listen to the names of each monster and repeat after me.
* beep
Jersey Devil
* beep
Jersey Devil
* beep
Well done! [pause]
Did you know how Americans celebrate Halloween?
Each year, on October 31st, many Americans dress up as monsters, carve pumpkins, and spend the evening telling scary stories or watching horror movies together. The children go around to houses, shouting Trick or treat?!, hoping to get candy.
And thatโ€™s it! You just learned about three of the scariest monsters in the US and how we celebrate Halloween.
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I'll see you next time. Bye!


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