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Lesson Transcript

There is a wide variety of dishes in the US and your job as a visitor is to try as many different foods as possible! However, before you start eating, you have to get to the table! In today's lesson, we'll cover getting to the table in a restaurant.
When entering a restaurant in the States, they will greet you with either good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or a simple hello.
Depending on the restaurant in the States, you may be seated by the host or hostess, or you may find a seat that you like. If they do seat you, they will most likely ask, how many people in your party? Let's hear that again - how many people in your party? Let's break that down, how many asks for the number, people would be living things such as you and me, in your party refers to the group that you are with. So all together we have - how many people in your party?
To this, you may respond, three people. Or of course however many people you are with. If you're alone, you can just say, for one. So once again that's - three people.Three people please.
Okay, now to close out today's lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll say the phrase or sentence, and why don't you try saying it out loud? Good luck everybody!
- How many people in your party?
- Three people
- for one
All right, that's going to do it for today! See you all soon!