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Lesson Transcript

Now some useful Survival phrases for your fun shopping around stores in the States. When you enter a store in the States, you will usually be greeted with a hello or how are you today? You can simply reply by saying, hi or good, thanks.
If you want to know the price of something and it doesn't have a price tag on it, you can say, Excuse me, how much is this?
You should remember that excuse me is almost always the first thing to say when you're talking to a shop clerk. After saying excuse me, you can say what you need to say.
You usually cannot bargain prices in the States at shops. The shop attendants are not accustomed to this either, so they'll most likely think it's strange. However, perhaps at a market it is possible.
You can say, excuse me, how much is this shirt? if you see a shirt that you like. Or you can say, excuse me, how much are these socks if you see a pair of socks that you like. Once again - shirt and socks.
Let's take this opportunity to go over some clothes that you may not know. The first one is hoodie. If you know what a hood is, a hoodie is a top with just that. For those of you who don't know what a hood is, it's like an extra flap at the back of a top that covers you head. Here's another one. Pants are the clothing worn on the bottom half of your body, but most of the time if these pants are denim, they will be referred to as jeans. For some reason, jeans are mostly called jeans, and not pants. It's like a classification of its own. But nonetheless, they are still a type of pants. And the last word is not a clothing item, but refers to a certain kind of clothing. Plus size. If you're a big person and have trouble finding clothes, then in the States there are certain retailers that sell clothes that are for larger people. This goes for both men and women, so for those who are big, remember this word! Plus size. This is an adjective, so it can be used as, do you have any plus-size clothing?
Okay, now to close out today's lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll say the phrase or sentence, and why don't you try saying it out loud? Good luck everybody!
- How much is this?
- How much is this shirt?
- Do you have any plus-size clothing?
All right, that's going to do it for today! See you all soon!