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Lesson Transcript

Exchanging money in the States is quite convenient. One can exchange money at airports, banks, or withdraw money from an ATM. Rates applied when withdrawing money from an ATM are likely to be quite good. However, when using an ATM it is advisable to make one large withdrawal as both the local bank and your home bank may charge fees. So first things first, let's find a location that will exchange money.
First, let's review some previous phrases and patterns we've already covered. Is there an ATM near here? Is one we covered before if you remember. Let's hear it again. Is there an ATM near here?
Now to ask for a bank, we can just replace the word ATM with the word bank and the phrase works just fine. Is there a bank near here? Once again, we have the question Is there and then we have the thing we're looking for which in this case is a bank and then the location, near here. All together, that's Is there a bank near here?
For times when there is neither a bank nor an ATM, you can ask, Where can I exchange currency? Once again, we have our question, where, and then can is the helping verb, I exchange, is the person, and the main verb, and then we have currency. So, once again Where can I exchange currency?
Exchanging currency is pretty straightforward. One extremely useful phrase is Smaller bills please. It's usually beneficial to have smaller amounts of currency on you for paying for the bus fare, taxi fare, and so on. Smaller bills please.
So we have smaller and then what we want, bills and of course please. So that's Smaller bills please.
Finally, you can also use the phrase Could you break this? And show the bill. So once again that's could you for asking questions politely. Then we have break which means make the bill smaller, and then say this, meaning the bill. All together once again, that's Could you break this?
Okay, now to close out today's lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll say the phrase or sentence, and why don't you try saying it out loud? Good luck everybody!
- Is there a bank near here?
- Where can I exchange currency?
- Smaller bills please.
- Could you break this?
All right, that's going to do it for today! See you all soon!