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Lesson Transcript

Learn British English using English with this Unbelievably Simple Phrase
Be warned that native speakers sometimes talk very fast.
There could be times when you may not catch all of the words. In instances such as this, asking the speaker to say it again could mean the difference between understanding, and spending the rest of the day trying to figure out what you heard.
The following phrase will not only give you a better sense of the language, but it will also help you tune your ear as well.
In English, we say: “Could you repeat that, please?” This phrase can be used to ask the speaker to repeat what they just said.
Slowly by syllable: Could you repeat that, please?
Sometimes, if the speaker has said something too fast, then repeating the words won’t be enough. In situations like this, you’ll also have to ask: “Please could you speak slowly?”
Slowly by syllable: Please could you speak slowly?
We can also combine this phrase with the previous one, to say: “Could you repeat that slowly, please?”
Slowly by syllable: Could you repeat that slowly, please?
Another option, and also the shortcut, is saying ‘pardon me?’ or ‘excuse me?’ This will immediately tell the listener that you didn't hear, or that you couldn't understand what was said. So we have ‘pardon me?’ and ‘excuse me?’ Remember to say it like you mean it with the intonation rising at the end.
Okay, to close out this lesson we’d like you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the phrase, and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck!
- Could you repeat that please?
- Please could you speak slowly?
- Could you repeat that slowly please?


Alright! That’s going to do it for this lesson. Bye!