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Lesson Transcript

In this video, you'll learn 20 of the most common words and phrases in English.
Hi everybody, my name is Alisha.
Welcome to The 800 Core English Words and Phrases video series!
This series will teach you the eight hundred most common words and phrases in English.
Ok! Let's get started! First is…
1. "cocoa"
Cocoa is a very popular drink. It is chocolatey and we often mix it with milk to create hot cocoa.
"A warm cup of cocoa is comforting on a cold winter night."
2. "soft drink"
A soft drink is any kind of drink that does not have alcohol in it, this could be soda, it could be juice, it could be tea; these are all soft drinks.
"Soft drinks don't contain alcohol, and are usually carbonated and served cold."
3. "juice"
Juice is a drink that comes from a fruit or a vegetable. Juice is generally quite healthy and it tastes pretty good.
"Fresh fruit juice is a great way to start any day."
4. "bookshelf"
A bookshelf is a piece of furniture; typically, we use it to keep our books. It is a shelf for our books but many people use it for other storage too.
"The bookshelf is full of books."
5. "bed"
A bed is a piece of furniture. A bed is the place where we sleep; there are many different sizes.
"I bought a new bed."
6. "mirror"
A mirror is an object that is reflective, that means that we can see our faces when we look into it. We typically have mirrors in our bathroom and we can refer to small mirrors as hand mirrors.
"The mirror is hanging on the wall."
7. "dresser"
A dresser is something that we have in our house to store our clothes. This might be inside the closet, it might be inside a room; it can be very big, very small, there are many different styles of dresser.
"In my house I don't have a dresser."
8. "sweep"
Sweep is a verb. We use the word "sweep" when we talk about cleaning house with a broom. So this motion is called sweeping. So when we want to clean things off the floor, we sweep the floor.
"It's so dusty, sweep the floor!"
9. "put away"
To put something away or to put away something means to replace something. So after we use an item, in our kitchen, somewhere else in our house, after we use it and we're finished using it, we need to put it away, to replace that item in its correct position.
"I put away the dishes."
10. "mop"
Mop is interesting. A mop, as a noun, refers to the tool we use to clean our floors. It's something that we use with water and soap. We also use this word as a verb to mean to clean the floors with soap and with this scrubbing motion.
"I spilled the juice, so I'll mop the floor."
11. "waitress"
A waitress is staff at a restaurant; a waitress is a female staff member who takes orders and delivers them to the kitchen, and also brings food to the table.
"The waitress is holding a tray with glasses."
12. "Fahrenheit"
So Fahrenheit refers to the scale that is used in the USA to measure temperature.
"Water freezes at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit."
13. "temperature"
Temperature refers to how hot or how cold something is.
"Temperature is increasing."
14. "humid"
Humid refers to a weather condition or to an air condition where there is a lot of water in the air; the air feels kind of sticky or heavy.
"In this country, the climate is humid."
15. "windy"
Windy is an adjective that refers to a weather condition where there's a lot of wind.
"It's windy outside."
16. "playground"
A playground is a special feature in a park, they're often brightly colored. The goal of a playground is to give children a place to play.
"Is there also a slide on the playground?"
17. "pool"
You can think of a pool, kind of like a really really big bathtub,.they're places where we can swim in our cities.
"The lifeguard is watching the pool."
18. "tennis"
Tennis is a very popular sport. It's played with two people, sometimes with four people as well, and the players pass a ball or rather hit a ball back and forth across a net.
"Shall we play tennis?"
19. "basketball"
Basketball is a very popular sport where two teams compete against each other to score the most points by throwing a ball through a basket.
"Most basketball players are tall."
20. "liter"
A liter is a unit of measurement, but this unit of measurement is used for liquid.
"How many liters of milk did you buy?"
Well done! In this lesson, you expanded your vocabulary and learned 20 new useful words.
See you next time! Bye-bye!