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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Gina.
Unlike Mothering Sunday, Father's Day in the UK follows the similar conventions to Father's Day in the rest of the world. It's a day to celebrate and honour our fathers.
In this lesson, you're going to learn about Father's Day in the UK.
When did Father's Day reach prominence in the UK?
We’ll show you the answer at the end of this video.
Father's Day is a regular event and is always held on the third Sunday in June. It isn't a public holiday but is a special day for the family, nonetheless. The day originated in the US in 1910 as a compliment to the American take on Mother's Day.
For Father's Day, children give gifts to their fathers. Schools, especially primary schools, may give their pupils time to make a card or small present during class time. Other popular gifts are traditionally masculine items such as neckties or gadgets and boys toys. British retailers stock Father's Day cards and gifts in anticipation of the day.
As well as gifts, children might treat their fathers to a day out or event. Many places have Fathers Day specials, so he can be treated to a meal at the stadium of his favourite football club, taken to lunch on a steam train or given a more practical gift such as flying lessons or a spin around a race track in a racing car.
Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June, but a major UK retailer listed it as the fourth Sunday in their 2014 calendars in error. All defective calendars were recalled and replaced at great expense to the retailer.
And now I'll give you the answer to the earlier quiz.
When did Father's Day reach prominence in the UK?
Father's Day is a relatively new event as it only came across the pond in the very late 60s, and only really took hold in the 70s. Heavy promotion really made it soar during the 90s.
How was this lesson? Did you learn something interesting?
Do you celebrate Father's Day in your country? If so, is it also on the third Sunday in June?
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