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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Gina.
Wimbledon is the most famous tennis tournament in the world. It takes place every June in a suburb of London that is also called Wimbledon.
In this lesson, you're going to learn about why Wimbledon is so famous and prestigious.
How long was the longest ever match held at Wimbledon and how many matches were played?
We’ll show you the answer at the end of this video.
The Championships Wimbledon, to give it its full title, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and one of the four Grand Slam tournaments that make up the yearly tennis calendar. Of these four Majors, Wimbledon is the only one still played on a grass court, as is traditional.
Wimbledon is a unique feature of the tennis calendar and is different to the other Grand Slams. All players must adhere to a strict dress code and wear only white. There are no advertising hoardings around the court so it is more traditional and less commercialised than other tournaments.
Wimbledon is also celebrated by the spectators in a unique fashion. It is during the English summertime when, in theory at least, it will be warm and sunny. It means that tennis fans can watch the tennis and also eat the popular English summer delicacy, strawberries and cream. There is usually a Royal presence at Wimbledon too as a member of the Royal Family will be present at some games of the tournament.
Wimbledon's most famous court is Centre Court and this is only used during the two weeks of Wimbledon. It was fitted with a retractable roof in 2009 so that rain and hot weather won't affect play.
And now I'll give you the answer to the earlier quiz.
How long was the longest ever match held at Wimbledon and how many matches were played?
It was a marathon of a match that lasted for 5 hours and 12 minutes and 112 games were played. Win or lose, the competitors must have needed a long soak to ease their muscles after they had finished!
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