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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Parris from EnglishClass101.com. In this video, we'll be talking about Making Complaints in English. Let's get started!
The first complaint is ...
[Normal] "I'm starving." [Slow] "I'm starving."
This is an exaggeration you can use when you're hungry.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "It's noisy." [Slow] "It's noisy."
This kind of complaint is one that you would make to a friend. Telling the staff of a restaurant won't help, since they can't tell people to be quiet.
Then we have...
[Normal] "It's hot." [Slow] "It's hot."
This can be used to talk about the weather or the temperature of a room. You can add a request to this, like "Can you turn on the air conditioner?"
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "It's cold." [Slow] "It's cold."
This can be used to talk about the weather or the temperature of a room. You can add a request to this, like "Can you turn on the heater?"
Next complaint is ...
[Normal] "It's too expensive." [Slow] "It's too expensive."
Even if you have enough money to buy something, it may be more money than you want to spend. It would probably be considered rude to say this to someone who works at a store.
Another common complaint is ...
[Normal] "I'm tired." [Slow] "I'm tired."
Use this complaint to imply that you want to sit down, relax, go home, etc.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "I gained weight." [Slow] "I gained weight."
This is a self-criticism that implies that you want to lose weight. Many people also say "I got fat."
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "I'm always broke." [Slow] "I'm always broke."
Use this to complain about never having enough money.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "My job is boring." [Slow] "My job is boring."
This is a really common complaint used by people who don't think their jobs are very exciting. Usually, it means that you want to find a different, more fun job.
Next complaint is ...
[Normal] "That person stinks." [Slow] "That person stinks."
You can use "stinks" to talk about a literal, physical smell or as a general insult meaning that you just don't like someone.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "There's too much traffic." [Slow] "There's too much traffic."
This is a common complaint among people who commute to work by car. Certain roads are especially bad during "rush hour," which is the time in the morning or night when most people are going to and from work.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "The Wi-Fi here is too slow." [Slow] "The Wi-Fi here is too slow."
This is just a general complaint you may have about the Internet speed. If you're at a cafe or somewhere with Wi-Fi, you can request that they reset the Wi-Fi to improve the speed.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "My boss is annoying." [Slow] "My boss is annoying."
"Annoying" can be used to mean that someone does things you don't like or that they ask you to do things you don't like. Either way, an annoying boss is a bad experience.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "The pay is too low." [Slow] "The pay is too low."
You can use this to complain about how much you make or to reject a job offer because it doesn't pay enough.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "I don't like it." [Slow] "I don't like it."
This is a very general complaint that can be used for almost anything.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "English is too hard." [Slow] "English is too hard."
When something is "too hard," it means you may not want to do it anymore.
The next complaint is ...
[Normal] "The PC is frozen now." [Slow] "The PC is frozen now."
When a PC is "frozen," it means that none of your commands or actions are working. This can be very annoying.
Okay, that's all for this lesson. Which complaint do you like more? Leave us a comment letting us know. And we'll see you next time!