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Today, we're going to talk about 10 bad habits.
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1. biting (one's) nails
The first bad habit is biting your nails.
Biting your nails
So, "biting your nails" just means chewing on your fingernails, so chewing on this part of your fingernails. Some people chew it a lot or some, I don't know. So, biting your nails is a bad habit. To bite your nails is a bad habit.
In a sentence:
"I'm trying to stop biting my nails."
2. pick at (one's) hair
The next one, the next bad habit is to pick at your hair.
To pick at your hair
So, picking at your hair is like, it's going, it's this motion. So, any motion that uses this sort of hand gesture, like picking your hair or like maybe picking your nails or picking at your hands, picking at your skin, picking at like zits as well, I suppose, some people do, this motion, in this case, picking your hair is considered a bad habit. So some people like to pick their hair or some people pluck their hair as well, which is considered a bad habit. So, picking at your hair, we can say "to pick at (something)" like to pick at your hair or pick at your nails as well. So, "to pick" is considered a bad habit.
In a sentence:
"My co-worker always picks at her hair when she's nervous."
3. smoking
The next bad habit is smoking.
So, "smoke," any kind of smoke, so smoking tobacco, smoking cigarette, smoking whatever it is that you smoke in your country, I don't know, many things to smoke. But smoking is considered a bad habit for the harmful effect that smoke can have on the body.
In a sentence:
"I can't stand my neighbor's smoking."
4. drink too much
The next bad habit is "drinking too much."
So, "to drink too much" is considered a bad habit, again, because of the negative effects of...to health, on your body, and because, like people who drink maybe, like their breath might smell strange or their behavior gets strange or also can cause a lot of money to drink and people's like attitudes, people's behavior can change when they drink, so drinking too much is considered a bad habit.
Okay. In a sentence:
"Her ex-boyfriend drank way too much."
5. wasting time
Another bad habit, maybe we're all guilty of, is wasting time.
Wasting time
So, "wasting time" means just doing nothing. So, doing absolutely nothing. Maybe this means watching TV or checking social media or, I don't know, just staring at the ceiling, however. So wasting time is considered a bad habit. We are not being productive. We're just doing nothing at that moment, so wasting time, wasting time.
In a sentence:
"I need to stop wasting time on social media."
6. snacking
The next bad habit is snacking.
So, "snacking" is the act of eating small pieces of food in between meal times. So, by small pieces of food, I typically mean, I mean, let's see, common snacks are like chips, crackers, cookies, anything that's like not a full meal, but that's easy to carry in your hands like little snacky things, snacky bits, snacky foods, easy to eat like in one bite or two bites, that's called a snack. Something that's not a proper meal, but just something easy and quick to eat. So snacking is considered a bad habit when you do too much of it because you can gain weight or maybe it's not nutritious for you. Yeah, so snacking, snacking is a bad habit.
In a sentence:
It's so hard to stop snacking."
7. watch too much TV
The next bad habit is watching too much TV.
So, to watch too much TV, meaning you sit on the couch and watch TV for too many hours, so there's too much time spent watching TV. This is considered a bad habit because your body is just sitting in the same place for a long time and it's good to get up and exercise. It's good to move around. So watching too much TV or maybe even watching too much like Netflix or watching too many videos on the internet could be bad for you, a bad habit. So please make sure to get up and move around as well. Go outside! Okay.
In a sentence:
"I think those kids watch too much TV."
8. overspending
The next bad habit is overspending.
This means spending too much money. So, it's really a bad habit because managing your money, managing your finances is important, especially in adulthood. So, overspending is a bad habit because if you spend too much on, like exciting things, maybe like clothes or makeup or your hobby or whatever, you might not have enough money to meet your basic needs like rent or bills or food, for example. So, overspending is a bad habit because it means you cannot manage your money correctly, so overspending. Try not to overspend.
In a sentence:
"One of my friends has a problem with overspending."
9. forget sunscreen
The next bad habit is forgetting sunscreen.
Forgetting sunscreen
This is considered a bad habit because the sunlight can have harmful effects on your screen, especially if you get a burn. If your skin burns or if the skin changes color, it's an effect that the sun has on your skin. Over time, this can create, maybe problems for you in the future. So, it's important to always wear sunscreen.
In a sentence then:
"If you forget sunscreen, your skin might burn."
10. not getting enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep is considered a bad habit because sleep recharges you. Sleep gives you energy. Proper sleep gives you energy. If you don't get enough sleep, if you're not getting proper sleep, you can feel stressed out, you can feel tired, maybe your body can't function the way that it should, it's difficult for you to do maybe everyday tasks. So getting enough sleep is important to make sure you're healthy in your body and in your mind. So, make sure to get enough sleep.
In a sentence:
"If you don't get enough sleep, you'll get stressed out."
So, those are 10 bad habits. If you know of another bad habit or you know that you have one of these bad habits or a different one, let us know in the comments.
Thank you very much for watching this episode of Top Words and I will see you again soon. Bye-bye!