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Lesson Transcript

Vamos! Hi, everybody, welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to be talking about 10 Gamer Speak Words. I am excited about this one. Let's go!
First word is...
1. Achievement
Achievement is used when you have completed a mission in some games. There's a very famous phrase that says like "Achievement unlocked!" Good feeling.
2. Beta
Beta, it's for something that's not quite finished but that's maybe in like a testing phase. You could hear, like, the beta release of something, or like the beta test version of bla bla bla. For example "I am beta testing a running game right now." that is true.
Next is...
3. Boss
If you ever played a video game, probably you know about a boss battle. You've been playing through a level, at the end of that level there's a boss that you have to fight. It's kind of interesting now thinking about it how we use boss for a main challenger that you have to defeat in a video game level, but we also use it for like our managers at work.
So the next word is...
4. Role-playing game
Role-playing game is commonly abbreviated commonly shortened to RPG. This is a very popular style of game. A role-playing game meaning you play a role.
Role-playing games have evolved over years, now you can play, for example, MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
"I have been playing role-playing game since I was like 11, and my brother convinced me to play Final Fantasy 7."
The next word is...
5. Checkpoint
You might also hear save point. You save your game and then you continue on in the game and then if you die you go back and you respawn, you come back to life from that checkpoint. I feel like checkpoint is used more in like a racing game, but save point is used more in an RPG.
The next one is...
6. Noob
Noob. I love the word noob. I mostly talk about myself, actually. When I've made like a really stupid decision. Noob means rookie, it means someone who is inexperienced at something. You can use noob in a game if you find someone who's just joined the game, they're a brand new player "they are a noob they don't know anything."
7. Farming
Let's talk about farming, in gaming terms it means you are trying to collect a certain item. It has like kind of a reputation for being a bit boring because you're just killing like the same creature over and over again.
8. NPC
NPC means non-playable character. There are other characters within the game that move the story forward, but that you cannot play as, you cannot become that character, but you interact with them.
"I have to talk to an NPC in order to move this quest forward"
Next is...
9. Camper
A camper is someone who is waiting for a creature to spawn. So a person who's waiting for the monster to appear is called a camper. You can use camping as a verb too, to talk about that, like, I'm "camping this monster."
Really? People camp other players? I suppose so, depending on the kind of game you're playing.
10. MMO
Is a massively multiplayer online game. It means you can play online with a lot of different people essentially.
Well, that's all. That's the end! So those are 10 gamer speak words. I really enjoyed doing this lesson, it's been a long time since I've thought about video games and now I want to like go home and play. It was really fun. If you enjoy video games and want to use your English, to be able to explain them, these are some words that might be really really useful for you. Alright, thanks very much for watching and we will see you again next time for more fun stuff. Bye!