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Lesson Transcript

It is prepared. I am prepared. Okay.
Hi, everybody. Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha. Today, we're going to be talking about the top 10 phrases you'll need for a date. Wahoo! Let's go.
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me?" The first phrase is "Would you like to go out to dinner with me?" This is a pretty typical invitation, I think. You can use, "Would you go out for lunch with me?" is okay too. Or, "Would you like to get a coffee with me?" as well. If you invite someone out for breakfast, it's a little weird. I don't think I would say it to someone like, I'm in the apartment, "would you like to go out for breakfast sometime?" It's just not really something you would say. Would you like to go out to dinner with me? Sure. Sounds great.
"Are you free this weekend?" "Are you free this weekend?" Are you free? "Free" means "is your schedule free? Do you have an open schedule this weekend?" Very nice, very casual, as well. "Are you free this weekend?" "Yeah, I've got some time. What's up?"
"Would you like to hang out with me?" The next phrase is "Would you like to hang out with me?" That sounds a little too formal to me. If you were me, I would just say, "Do you want to hang out? Do you want to get together?" That's a little bit more natural. Do you want to hang out this weekend? Yes, sure. Let's catch a movie.
"You're so cute." I'm going to preface this by saying, "I don't say this." The next phrase is "You're so cute." I never say this. Maybe, I'm just cold. It's typically said with downward intonation. People say, "You're so cute. You're so cute." Kind of going down like that. You can also use this as a compliment. Parents, will say this, or grandparents will say this to children in the family. "You're so cute." "Thank you." I suppose that's what you say.
"You look great." Ah! Next one is a much better compliment, I think, much more sincere. It is, "You look great." Maybe you're going out for dinner or something nice. Your partner looks really nice, you can say, "You look great." "Oh, thank you."
"I had a great time." The next one is "I had a great time." This is an expression you use after your date. You go out for dinner, you spend some time together, and you have fun, you can say "I had a great time." The interaction might be, "Thanks so much for tonight. I had a great time." "Me too. Let's get together again soon."
"I'll call you." Next expression is "I'll call you." Again, probably, used after the date to show how you want to keep in touch later. One person might say, "I'll call you." "Sounds good."
"I'll drive you home." The next one, again, used at the end of the date, after the date has finished. "I'll drive you home." Maybe you live someplace where cars are normal or you drive for your dates, you can say, "I'll drive you home," meaning, "I'll take you home in my car." The situation may be, "I'll drive you home." "Okay. Thanks very much." I don't know why I keep looking. My date is very tall, super tall, like eight feet.
"Can I see you again?" Okay, the next expression, again, after the date or maybe even a day or two after the date. You could say, "Can I see you again," or, "I want to see you again," or, "Let's get together again," meaning you had a nice time, you want to see that person again. So, you can say, "Can I see you again?" "Sure, that would be great."
"Shall we go somewhere else?" The next one, maybe you've gone for a dinner, for example, with someone and you want to suggest a different location, like "Let's go for a drink after dinner." You can say, "Shall we go somewhere else?" This says, "Shall we go somewhere else?" I would say, "Do you want to go somewhere else?" In this situation, I say, "Shall we go somewhere else?" "I don't think so. I'm kind of tired." Aw. "Oh, no."
Alright. Those are 10 expressions that you can use for a date. Give them a try the next time you have a chance, whenever that may be. Good luck. Thanks very much for watching this episode of Top Words. If you haven't already, please be sure to like this video, and subscribe to our channel. We will see you again soon for more fun stuff. Thanks very much for watching. Bye.