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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're gonna be talking about 20 words you'll need for the beach. Let's go!
1. sunglasses
The first word is sunglasses. Sunglasses are those dark glasses that you wear on your face when it's bright outside. In a sentence, I forgot my sunglasses. Hold on! I forgot my sunglasses.
2. beach
Beach is the place near the ocean. You might have a beach in your city or in your country, the beach is usually visited in the summertime. The image is lots of sun, you can get a tan, you can get a sunburn, but it's usually a fun place to spend time with family and friends.
In a sentence, I'm going to the beach with my friends this weekend, I'm so excited!
And next sentence, she walked along the beach.
3. swimming
The next word is swimming. Swimming is, of course, a popular activity to do at the beach. I go swimming at the beach every summer. Or in this sentence, be very careful when swimming in the Pacific Ocean. (Maybe sharks...)
4. sun
Sun is that big bright thing in the sky that will make your skin change color if you stay in it for too long. So, the sun, in a sentence, the sun is really bright, let's get out of the sun.
5. palm tree
The next word is palm tree. So palm trees are a type of tree, they are usually seen in, like, tropical places, like Hawaii has palm trees, any place close to the equator, the middle line of the earth, I think that's where palm trees tend to grow. It's kind of an image of the beach. So palm trees, there are a lot of palm trees near the beach in California. That palm tree is almost 60 feet tall.
6. seashell
The next word is seashell. Seashell are those little objects you find on the beach, like in the sand or in the water. In some cases, they're like shells from, like, clams or maybe oysters sometimes, too, depending on what you consider a seashell. But if you break the word down, it's "sea" and "shell," so, like, something from the ocean and the shell are like the covering the outside of something. So usually a small creature, a small animal has lived inside the seashell, and then you can collect them and look at them or make something from them; little kids like to collect them, I used to collect seashells when I was a kid. Oh my gosh! Look at this example sentence! It says it's bad luck to take seashells from the beach. Oops!
7. swimsuit
Swimsuit is the clothing you wear to swim in, your swimming suit. There are men's swimsuits, women's swimsuits; usually men's swimsuits are like shorts, sport shorts, or I suppose there's the, like, speedo makes, like the men's swimsuits as well, the really small ones. And then for women, they have one-piece swimsuits, they have, and then they have bikini swimsuits, the two-piece swimsuit. So in a sentence, I hate swimsuit shopping. And next sentence, I need a new swimsuit this summer.
8. ocean
The next word is ocean. Ocean is the big blue, the big water, the big deep blue sea. In a sentence, the ocean is so beautiful at night. In this sentence, he dipped his feet in the ocean.
9. lifeguard
A lifeguard is a person at the beach. Life, "guard," so someone who guards lives. If someone gets into trouble in the water, they start to drown or they start to have trouble, if there's an accident at the beach, the lifeguard at the beach is responsible for handling that problem. So they'll call an ambulance or they know how to do first aid, to save people. So in a sentence, it's important to go to beaches where there are lifeguards available if you need help. And next sentence, there isn't a lifeguard on duty here.
10. jetski
Next word is jetski. A jetski is a like a water motorcycle, you can ride around it on with your friends, alone. Riding jet skis is a lot of fun.
In this sentence, if you have a driver's license you can drive a jetski.
11. beach towel
The next expression is beach towel. Beach towel. Beach towel is different from regular towel because usually beach towels have, like, a bright color a bright pattern, or they are towels that you don't mind, the towels that are okay to get sand or dirt in them. Usually, a towel you use in your house, you don't want to get your towel really really dirty. So a beach towel is a towel you use only at the beach.
In a sentence, I bought a new beach towel and it has a picture of a hamburger on it. And in this sentence, oh, no! I got sand all over my beach towel. That's the point of beach towel.
12. beach chair
The next expression is beach chair. As you can probably guess, it is a chair you use only at the beach. So again, this is a chair you don't mind, it's okay if it gets dirty or sandy; usually a beach chair is easy to fold or easy to carry, too.
In a sentence, I have a couple of beach chairs that I'm going to bring to the barbecue this weekend. In this sentence, can we use these beach chairs?
13. sand castle
The next word is sand castle. Sand castles are usually kids make them they use, like, buckets. So kids will like put sand in a bucket or like they move sand into piles and design castles or these really complicated mazes or something, they make things, make buildings out of sand, we call those sand castles.
So in a sentence, my brother and I used to make sand castles on the beach when we were kids. That's true. In this sentence, get the buckets and we'll make a sand castle.
14. cooler
So cooler is a noun, in this case cooler is the place you keep your drinks and your food. It's a, it looks like a suitcase but it has a special lining inside that keeps cold things cold, so you can put ice inside and it will keep your food and drinks cold while you are at the beach in the hot weather.
So in a sentence, Did you put a bunch of beers in the cooler? I forgot ice for the cooler!
15. tide
The next word is tide. Tide is the level of the water, the level of the ocean water at different times of day. So if you are interested in this sort of thing, you might know about high tide and low tide. High tide means the water level at the beach is high low; tide means the water level at the beach is low. So tide is how high or low the water is.
In this sentence, the tide ebbed and revealed a starfish. Ebbed means it went away a little bit. So tide is the flow of water.
16. tan
So tan is, we use it as a noun like "to get a tan" in a sentence. It means that your skin turns a darker color. So be careful there are two words we use in English, tan means your skin gets a little bit darker, and we also use the word "sunburn" or just "burn." Burn means your skin gets red, it means like it's damaged, it maybe your skin peels a bit. So in America anyway, in the US anyway, a tan is usually considered a positive thing, many people want tan skin; but sunburn where your skin is red and damaged is bad. So be careful, those are two different words we use to talk about this the changing skin color. I got a tan last summer at the beach.
In this sentence, you got such a nice tan in Florida.
17. snorkeling
The next word is snorkeling. Snorkeling is really really fun. Snorkeling is swimming but you have a like a hose you have a pipe that you can breathe through as you swim, so you can you usually put goggles, you wear goggles as you're swimming in the ocean, you can look down and see fish, or you can see things in the ocean, but you can still breathe. So this is a really fun thing to do, to look at fish or just just to hang out and see a different point of view. I went snorkeling for the first time, maybe when I was 22, 23?
In this sentence, she bought goggles so that she could go snorkeling in Hawaii.
18. flip flop
The next word is flip flop. Flip flop is a very common beach sandal. Many people like to wear flip flops in everyday life, too, some people prefer not to, it's up to you. Like in California I know, especially in beach towns, everybody just wears flip-flops it's very comfortable. So flip-flops kind of have an image of being a little bit cheap or just very very simple, it's it's the most basic possible sandal. Why are they called flip-flops? I always thought it was because of the sound that they make... sound I guess, maybe it sounds like flip-flop.
In a sentence, I usually don't wear flip-flops.
In this sentence, these flip-flops keep breaking.
19. sunscreen
Next word is sunscreen. Sunscreen or you might also hear sunblock. These are products you can put on your skin to prevent a tan or to prevent a sunburn. Sun-screen, so it's a protection, it's a protection against the sunlight. I just hit this screen. So sunscreen is quite important, like, it is said that you should use sunscreen to prevent, to help prevent skin cancer.
In a sentence, I'm out of sunscreen I need to buy more.
In this sentence, mom, I don't need sunscreen.
20. bikini
The next word is bikini. We talked about swimsuit a little bit earlier, but bikini is usually a swimsuit for women, and it's two pieces; there's a bottom half and an upper half. And oftentimes the the top half of the bikini, or sometimes the bottom half, you have to tie a knot, or you have to latch something. I suppose if you don't tie it carefully it can create a problem, like you could fall off. So bikini it's a popular style of swimsuit for women.
Are you going to wear your bikini to the beach tomorrow?
In this sentence, my bikini came undone in front of everyone, it was so embarrassing.
End! Alright, that's the end so those were 20 words that you can use to talk about the beach, this has me really excited for summer actually, this is a lot of fun. If there are some other words that you think about when you think about the beach, let us know in the comments. I hope you get to use these words a lot this summer and enjoy. Thanks very much for watching this episode, please make sure to LIKE this video if you haven't already and also subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you again soon, bye!
I went snorkeling and I saw an octopus! He was just like, he, I don't know why it's a he, look like a dress like... Woh! That's really cool!