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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! And welcome back to Top Words! My name is Alisha, and today we're going to be talking about 10 Must-know Autumn Vocabulary Words. Autumn! Let's go!
1. sweater
The first word is sweater, that's that long sleeve, often knit garment, that you wear; maybe your grandma has given you a few over the course of your life. A sweater, it is a very very, it's like the quintessential, quintessential means like the regular, the expected, the of course item, for Autumn. So in a sentence, my favorite sweater is wool, it's warm.
In this sentence, I got spaghetti sauce on my favorite sweater. Oh! I've done that, everybody has done that, everybody.
2. windy
Soo strong winds in autumn, I suppose, in some cases. Windy, in a sentence, if it's windy in autumn, you should go fly a kite.
In this sentence, I can handle the cold, but I hate when it's windy. For sure, okay!
3. cool
Cool, in this case, refers to the weather. So it's not quite cold, but it's not warm either, it's cool, it's cool. We also might use the word brisk, so it's not cold, it's like that kind of like refreshing, it's a little like *woah* feeling, in brisk. I don't know what that means, *woah*!
That's how I feel on a brisk day, yeah! But cool, cool is not quite cold; the difference between cool and brisk, cool is kind of a mild feeling, mild type of weather; brisk has a little bit of bite, there's a little, like, freshness to it. Cool is very mild, I think.
In a sentence, I love going to the park on cool autumn days.
In this sentence, these cool, sunny days are my favorite time of the year. This is cool, alright!
4. autumn
The next word, of course, is autumn. Autumn, also known as fall, both are okay to use. Autumn is that season in your country, depending on where you live in the world, where trees will change color, the weather goes from hot to less hot, it goes from hot to cool, people start wearing sweaters, or maybe like, I don't know, just the temperature starts to drop a little bit after summer when it's warm. So you can use autumn or fall, both are fine.
In a sentence, autumn is my favorite season. That's true.
Here, autumn is my favorite season because of the weather. Indeed!
5. cold
The next word is cold. Cold is the uncomfortable feeling, you just, the temperature is too low you feel uncomfortable, it's cold.
So in a sentence, I like cold days because I can drink hot chocolate. And in this sentence, I can't stand the cold, I'm moving to Hawaii.
6. chestnut
The next word is chestnut. Chestnut is a food that you can eat, it is a type of nut, it is a thing that you eat in autumn. You can roast them, they smell kind of nice, you can put them on dessert, you can do all kinds of things with them.
So in a sentence, you can make lots of desserts with chestnuts.
In this sentence, chestnuts roasting on an open fire. This is a popular, this is the opening line, the opening lyric to a popular holiday song. chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
7. falling leaves
The next expression is falling leaves. In autumn, leaves change color and they start to fall off of the tree. So falling leaves is kind of an image of autumn, an image of fall. There's kind of that nice image of those beautiful, like, gold and red leaves falling.
So in a sentence, let's rake the falling leaves up and jump in them.
The falling leaves reminded me of bittersweet memories. Oh gosh! Onward!
8. Thanksgiving
We've done a couple of videos about Thanksgiving, so if you like, I'm sure somebody will put a link, like, here here here here.
Thanksgiving is, let's see, I know we have this holiday in the US and I believe Canada also has a Thanksgiving, though I'm not familiar with the date. Thanksgiving in the US is celebrated in November and we eat food together with our families, a huge turkey usually and some other autumn foods, too.
In a sentence, Thanksgiving is great, but I always eat too much. That's true.
This sentence says, Thanksgiving is the busiest traveling time of the year. I didn't know that! I wonder if that's true.
9. Halloween
Halloween! I love Halloween! At least I loved Halloween when I was younger. These days it's like, no, alright, have your fun.
Halloween is a really fun holiday where you can dress up as a character, you can dress up as somebody else, or as a creature or monster or whatever. When you're children, you can go out and get candy from the people in your neighborhood. As an adult, there are lots of fun parties to go to, as well. Halloween.
In a sentence, I was once in a flash mob for Halloween. That is true.
In this sentence, this Halloween, I'm going to dress up as a spooky ghost. Spooky means scary but not next super scary, spooky is like cute scary.
10. leaf
Ok, leaf. Last word is leaf. A leaf is that thing that grows on a tree, maybe it looks like this, maybe it looks like this, maybe it looks like this. There are many different kinds of leaves. You might find them falling en mass from trees, you might find them scattered on your streets during autumn. Point, the plural of leaf is not "leafs," but leaves.
So in a sentence, Ginkgo leaves smell really bad when they fall. That is true, they smell really bad.
This sentence says, she stepped on the leaves on the sidewalk.
All right! That's the end! So those are 10 must know words for autumn. If there is a different word that you associate with autumn, or a different word that you think of when you think of fall or autumn in your country, please leave us a comment and let us know about it. Thanks very much for watching and we'll see you again soon. Bye!