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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Bridget, and welcome to today's lesson! Today's topic is ten gift ideas you must know in English. Let's start with the first.
1. laptop
A laptop is a portable computer, you probably have one. It folds shut, it opens back up again. It's portable, which means you can bring it with you whether you are going to class, going to work; you have your computer with you at all times. A laptop is very useful and also very expensive, so if you are buying someone a laptop they should be very very grateful.
Does he already have a laptop?
2. perfume
I like the smell of that perfume, it smells so nice, it smells so summery.
Perfume is a fragrance, it comes in a bottle and you go. There are famous perfumes like Chanel No.5, maybe you've heard of it. I don't think I've ever smelled it, but I know it's famous.
3. book
A book.
This book is very meaningful to me, I hope that you like it.
A book is a great gift, it gives you something to read, to enjoy for days or weeks to come.
What's your favorite book? My favorite book is Timeline by Michael Crichton, or Sphere by Michael Crichton. I love Michael Crichton. Also, all of the Harry Potter books.
4. camera
A camera.
Is that the sound camera makes?
You take pictures with cameras. They're great gifts, especially for someone who's interested in photography or filming, making movies. You can do anything with a camera.
You got me this expensive camera! How did you know I love photography? It's a great gift.
5. smartphone
A smartphone.
My little cousin is so spoiled, he's had a smartphone since he was 7.
A smartphone is a cell phone that has extra capabilities, for example, you might know the iPhone, which you can look at the Internet, take a bunch of pictures, FaceTime people; it's a smart phone. It makes for a great gift because everyone wants a smartphone.
6. game console
What kind of game console would she like?
If you like to play video games, you know what a video game console is. You might have a Playstation, or an Xbox, or a Wii, or a Sega Dreamcast, which is my personal favorite. A video game console is a great gift for people who love to play video games, you know, get them the latest model, the latest PlayStation, they're gonna love you for it. Just keep in mind that video games are very expensive these days.
7. a flight to the United States
A flight to the United States means someone's buying you a ticket to take a flight on an airplane to the States.
My parents bought me a flight to the United States for my birthday.
To someone who doesn't live here, that sounds like a really exciting gift, especially if the United States is a country you've always wanted to visit. You can see New York City, where I live, you can see Los Angeles, you can see Texas, and where else is there? There are a bunch of different famous places that you might want to visit in the United States and you can practice your English because everyone speaks English here.
8. A watch
I bought him a nice watch that he can wear to work.
I like to keep my watch facing inward so that I can secretly check the time when I'm bored and want to know how much longer I have to be somewhere. A watch.
You can buy cheap watches like this one, or you can buy expensive watches like a Rolex, you've probably heard of a Rolex. Watches are great gifts.
9. jewelry
For our anniversary, I bought her some nice jewelry.
Jewelry can be earrings, can be a necklace, can be a bracelet, some rings. Jewelry is what you wear to look prettier, to look flashier, it adds a nice touch to an outfit. if you have nice earrings, it might make your outfit look better, you'll feel better. So, buying someone jewelry is a very thoughtful gift, but sometimes it can be expensive, especially if you're buying gold or silver; the real stuff can get expensive, but it's a good gift for the beautiful women in your life, or men who like wearing maybe gold chains or some sort of jewelry.
10. socks
I hated getting socks as a kid, but now I love it.
Socks are great gifts because everyone wears socks, so you can't go wrong buying someone a nice pair of fuzzy socks.
That brings us to the end of today's lesson, ten gift ideas you must know in English. If you like this video please don't forget to give us a thumbs up, leave any question or comment you have below, don't forget to subscribe to our Channel, and don't forget to go to EnglishClass101.com for more English.