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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Alisha, welcome back to Top Words! Today we're gonna be talking about the 10 must know words to party in the United States.
Not that I would know anything about that... let's go!
1. party
Party is a fun thing to do. A party is a place where you presumably you like, all the other people you know, a bunch of people, your friends are there, there's something to eat, there's something to drink, there's music to listen to, maybe there are cute guys or cute girls or cute puppies. You can enjoy whatever is happening at a party.
In a sentence, I used to go to a party every week in college. That's mostly true.
In this sentence, the party tonight is going to be crazy. whoo whoo!
2. to dance
The next expression is to dance. To dance at a party, sometimes when the music is good you may feel compelled, you may feel that you would like to dance. To dance is to move your body rhythmically, in accordance with beats, that's if you're a robot giving a definition of the word to dance, this is how your dance too, if you're that robot. Okay.
In a sentence, I like to dance at clubs.
Let's go see if those boys want to dance with us.
3. club
The next word is club. I am getting so hot I'm gonna say some words, no! Clubs don't usually have a very good reputation, they kind of seem like places for young people, like late teens, early twenties, like, there's loud music and lots of cheap drinks, and people go there to find dates and etc.
So club, let's see, in a sentence, I visit a club every once in a while.
This sentence says, every song on the radio is about going to the club.
4. rave
the next word is rave. Rave is a-- is a type of party. The image of rave is like, it's at night, and there are people with glow sticks and there's like techno music, and it's like...
And then everybody's like Woh!! which I don't say, and they have like glowing things and maybe there's black lights.
In a sentence, I don't think I've ever been to a rave.
And in this sentence, there's a rave in my neighbor's field this weekend.
5. festival
The next word is festival. There's usually some kind of theme, like a music festival or a food festival, there's a theme. And you can go there, maybe you need to buy tickets, but sometimes it covers like one or two days, a festival event does. So festivals can sometimes be a bit more expensive than parties to participate in.
In a sentence, there are a lot of summer music festivals.
6. cheers
I think every country probably has a word for this. When you want to start drinking with your friends, you touch glasses, or you touch drinks, and you say Cheers, in American English and as well as in some other countries, too. so Cheers is the word we use in English.
So when everyone touches their glass together, say cheers.
7. to drink
The next word is to drink. So in this case, for parties, it means alcohol, some kind of alcoholic drink. Many of my students will say I went to drink alcohol with my friends last night or I like drinking alcohol or whatever, but a native speaker does not say alcohol when we say, I like drinking, we mean I like drinking alcohol, but we do not say alcohol. Don't worry, like, no native speaker thinks you're talking about water when, if you say I like drinking. If you like to drink, if you like beer, wine, whatever, just say I like drinking, that's enough, that's fine, it's very natural.
In a sentence, I go drinking once a month with my friends.
In this sentence, wow, your friends really like to drink. Oh my!
8. to get drunk
Okay, the next expression is one to be careful of, it's to get drunk. To get drunk means to drink too much so to be sick, or to be in trouble, or to lose your memory, something like that. So to have too much alcohol to drink is to get drunk.
In a sentence, I don't like getting super drunk because I feel sick the next day.
I don't like to get drunk the night before work.
9. VIP
The next word is VIP, it means very important person. So a VIP at a club, a festival, some kind of event, is someone who the owner or the manager thinks is an important person, they get special treatment, maybe free drinks and a nice place to sit, a private room, they get to meet the stars at the Music Festival, whatever. A VIP, usually it's a good thing to be a VIP.
In a sentence, we're going to the VIP room later, do you want to come?
In this sentence, if you're famous, clubs will let you sit in the VIP section.
10. to buy a round
The next expression is to buy a round. To buy a round means to buy a round of drinks, meaning to buy one drink for each person in your group. So if you're in a group of four people, maybe everybody buys one round of drinks, but if you're in a large group of people and you decide to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the group, this can be very expensive.
In a sentence, the next round of drinks is on me, meaning I'll buy the next drink for everybody.
In this sentence, James bought a round of drinks for everyone at his table.
End! Alright! So those are 10 must-know words to party in the United States. Have you had any partying experiences in the US? If so, let us know, good or bad? I'm kind of interested to see.
Thanks very much for watching this episode of top words please be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven't already. And we'll see you again soon. Bye!
I had a friend in high school who liked to mispronounce club as "clurb." I'm gonna go to the "clurb" later.
Was that a bug just now? What a jerk! Oh, no, there's another one!
Bug fight!
We have an intruder in this shoot, he wants to party in the USA. Whoo!