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Hi, everybody, and welcome back to Top Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to be talking about ten ways to invite someone to something. So let's go!
1. Do you want to...?
The first way to invite someone to something is with the phrase "do you want to..." So "do you want to" plus some activity. Do you want to go to the beach? Do you want to see a movie? Do you want to go puppy shopping? Do you want to make a sandcastle? These are all invitations to do something.
So, in a sentence, a different sentence, do you want to get lunch on Saturday?
Ah! That's a good point! Want to, to make "want to" sound more natural contract it to "wanna." Do you wanna do something? So do you want to get lunch on Saturday?
2. Are you free...?
Are you free____? Where here is a time period, so for example, are you free this weekend? Or are you free tonight? Are you free later?
So asking someone about their free time in the future, this is an introduction to an invitation. So in a sentence, are you free for dinner tomorrow night?
3. Do you want to come to...?
Do you, again, shortening "want to" to "wanna." Do you want to come to ____? So it's some activity you go to or you come to you need to physically move your body to participate in this activity. So for example, do you want to come to my house later? Do you want to come to my friend's birthday party? Do you want to come to a movie at the neighborhood movie theater, for example? So something that you need to move to do, but maybe when you make this invitation, you the speaker, you should be close to that activity, or you should know you should have a connection with that activity. It sounds like you're inviting the listener to something close to you, something you know about.
So in an example sentence, do you want to come to a concert with me? So the speaker knows about the concert. Do you want to come to a concert with me? You can say, do you want to go to a concert with me, also, in that case, it's ok.
4. Are you doing anything?
So again, "are you doing anything" plus a timeframe, or maybe a meal as well is good, after this expression. So, are you doing anything after work? Are you doing anything for brunch tomorrow? Are you doing anything this summer? You can ask about someone's future plans with are you doing anything, and the answer to this question should be yes or no.
Are you doing anything later? No.
Are you doing anything later? Yeah, I have some plans.
So it's a yes or no question, but when you reply to this question, if it's yes, you can give some information about your plans; if it's no, you can say maybe no, do you have something in mind?
But anyway, in a sentence, to invite someone with this expression, you could say, are you doing anything for dinner? Or, are you doing anything this weekend? That's another nice expression you can use.
5. What are you up to?
The next one is "what are you up to" plus a day or "what are you up to" plus a time period. So for example, what are you up to this weekend? So what are you up to is a casual expression for what are you doing, or what are your plans. What are you up to, again, "what are" becomes "what're" contract that to make it sound more natural. What are you up to this evening, for example? In another example sentence, what are you up to on Friday night?
6. Come... with me.
The next expression is come bah bah bah with me. So here this space come do something with me is a noun phrase. Come to a movie with me, come fishing with me, come to a concert with me. So some activity this speaker is inviting you to join to. It's a stronger invitation, they use the command form come bla bla bla with me, it's a command form phrase.
So for example, come to the beach with me next week. It's a very strong suggestion.
7. Why don't we...?
Why don't we bla bla bla. This is a really soft way to invite someone to something. So why don't we, it uses the negative "don't," so that softens the expression even more.
So, why don't we take a vacation next week? Or why don't we study tomorrow night? Why don't we buy a puppy?
Another example sentence, why don't we have coffee tomorrow?
8. Wanna grab...?
So here it says wanna which is the short-form of "want to," and then grab. So grab, the image of grab or like the nuance of grab is something you can hold in your hand. So grab is like to quickly take something, so the image with this expression is maybe an activity that takes a short time and that's not so serious. So we usually use wanna grab bla bla bla for food or drink, kind of has, like, a light friendly casual feeling about it. So for example, wanna grab a coffee? Or, wanna grab a drink? Wanna grab lunch later?
You wouldn't use it for a more serious expression, like you would not say want to grab movie, like, you can't like grab you can't hold a movie, so it sounds a little unnatural, but you can hold the coffee or a beer, a glass of wine, something kind of small, something it's a very light casual expression here.
So an example sentence, want to grab a beer after work?Yes, I do. Some small things that you're preparing, like, for a party or an event, like, let's grab some forks, let's grab some knives, let's grab some wine to prepare for an event. You can use it, that's a great point.
9. How about we...?
So how about we watch a movie later? How about we have a picnic? How about we buy a boat? How about we make a cake? Alright, so in a different sentence, how about we see a movie later?
10. We should get together sometime.
You can use this expression just by itself, it's "we should get together sometime." This is sort of a vague expression, it's kind of an expression you don't have a specific plan, but you're making a suggestion to the other person. We should get together sometime when you're free, when I'm free, we should get together to do an activity. So you could say, for example, I haven't seen you in ages, we should get together sometime. You can use this expression just to show you want to catch up with someone that maybe you haven't seen for a long time.
That's the end! So those are 10 phrases that you can use to invite someone to something. They're very useful if there's anything that you like to use or if you have any questions about a way to invite someone to something, please leave it in a comment so we can check it out. Thanks very much for watching this episode of Top Words, if you liked this video please make sure to hit the thumbs up button and also subscribe to the channel if you haven't subscribed already. Thanks very much for watching this episode and we'll see you again soon. Bye!
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