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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! My name is Christine.
Welcome to another episode of Top English Words!
Today, we're going to learn "8 Words Americans Overuse." Let's go!
1. definitely
I'm definitely going to call her this weekend.
People use this word to mean that they will 100% do something. It can also be used to agree with someone.
2. unbelievable
Did you see the news this morning? It's unbelievable!
You can say "unbelievable" when something is shocking or strange. It can also be used to express disappointment. For example, "Jenny is late for dinner again. Unbelievable."
3. literally
I literally thought I was going to die.
Usually, this word is used to emphasize something in an exaggerated way. The word sort of means that something really happened a certain way, but Americans usually use this word to exaggerate.
4. hilarious
Everyone thinks my friend is hilarious, but he's not that funny.
Hilarious is like saying something is extremely funny. It is often used to exaggerate how funny something was.
5. nice
That guy with the nice hair just made a nice catch.
6. totally
I totally love your new dress.
You can use "totally" with a verb to show how completely you do something. For example, if you "totally hate" something, it means that you completely hate it. It's usually used as an exaggeration.
7. Like...
Like...I tried so hard, but like, I still failed anyway.
This is a filler word that people insert into their sentences, sort of like "um." It doesn't follow the literal meaning of the word.
8. seriously
I'm seriously going to tell my teacher what I really think of her class.
Seriously is just a way to say you will do something, but it usually means you want to do something but you won't really do it.
That's all for today!
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Thank you for watching and I'll see you in our next video!