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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone.
I’m Christine from EnglishClass101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about “10 Words to Describe your Feelings.” Let’s begin.
Please calm down.
Calm means "quiet" or "peaceful." If someone is upset or agitated, you can tell them to "calm down."
Tom is an energetic person.
If someone has a lot of energy, you can say they're "energetic." You can use this is someone is really active or hyper.
Nothing is more important than happiness.
This is the noun form of the word "happy." When you're happy, you are experiencing "happiness."
My friend gets so emotional when she talks about politics.
If someone show very strong feelings about something, you could say they're "being emotional." If a movie, song, or something else makes you feel like crying from happiness or sadness, you can say it's emotional.
You have to control your anger.
Anger is the thing you feel when you're angry. If something really bothers or annoys you, it makes you feel angry.
Jealousy is an ugly thing.
Jealousy is what you feel when you are unhappy that someone else succeeded. It's also something you feel if you think your boyfriend or girlfriend likes someone else.
The thought of going to Disney World fills me with excitement.
If you're really looking forward to something fun, you can say that you feel "excitement."
I'm always grumpy in the morning until I have some coffee.
If someone is "grumpy," it means they're not happy and you probably should leave them alone. A grumpy person usually seems really negative.
I feel pretty remorseful about how I quit my job.
Feeling "remorseful" about something is similar to feeling sorry about something.
I'm really proud of my son for making such good grades.
Feeling "proud" of someone is when you feel really good about them for something they did. You can also feel proud of things you've done, like if you're proud of how hard you worked.
Okay, that’s all for “10 Words to Describe your Feelings.”
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