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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone,
I’m Christine from EnglishClass101.com. In this video, we’ll be talking about "10 Phrases to Help You in an Emergency." Let’s begin!
Use this phrase when you need help or when you want someone to rescue you.
In case of an emergency, dial 911.
In the United States, the phone number you can dial in case of an emergency is 911.
For police, also dial 911.
The number is the same for calling the police. It's easy to remember.
Call the police, please.
Use this phrase when you need someone to call the police.
Please state the nature of your emergency.
This is what the 911 call center or an officer will say to ask for more details about your emergency.
I need a doctor!
Use this phrase when you are not feeling very well and want to get medical help.
I need an ambulance.
Use this phrase when you need an ambulance to come take you to the hospital.
There's a fire!
This is a very simple way to catch people's attention in case of a fire. After saying this, you need to explain what happened and where the fire is.
I want to report a crime.
Use this phrase when you want to report a crime that has happened to you or someone else.
My location is...
When you call for help through the phone, you'll need to say where you are. Start your explanation with this phrase.
That's all for today! Thank you for watching!
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